What is the Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet)?

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The Paleo Diet, otherwise known as the caveman diet, is a selection of natural foods that our ancestors were eating millions of years ago. Foods such as fish, vegetables, nuts, eggs and meat are typical Paleo foods.

Why the Paleo Diet?

People decide to change to the Paleo diet for mainly two different reasons. The most obvious is for optimum health. Diabetes, cancer and heart attack incidents are forever increasing with today’s diet high in added sugar, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners (aspartame). All of which are unnatural to the human body and can even prove fatal.

The other main reason why people change to the Paleo diet is due to the impressive physiques the cavemen had when consuming these natural foods. When you combine the paleo diet with exercise replicating the caveman’s daily life (hunting, heavy lifting) etc) – you can expect to see your fitness to improve and your body to transform.

If you are after a lean caveman look, I recommend weight lifting in the gym and having your workout mainly consist of compound movements such as push ups, pull ups and bench press. If you also combine these exercises with medium-to-intense cardio – you will begin to see increased tone and decreased body fat.

Why is the Paleo Diet good for weight loss?

Because of the healthy foods in the Paleo diet, you will be fuller for much longer, thus making it much harder to overeat. For example, eating a cave man meal of salmon with vegetables. This is fairly low in calories yet it will keep you full for hours. A Mars bar for example is high in calories and you will be left feeling hungry soon after, making putting on weight less likely on the Paleo.

 What foods can you eat?

. Eggs

. Meat

. Fish

. Nuts and seeds

. Vegetables

. Fats (via olives, coconuts, avocados, walnuts)

. Drinks – Tea (herbal), coconut water, spring water.

Foods you can eat but should be limited

. Coffee

. Chocolate

. Fruit

. Tea (containing caffeine)’

. Alcohol

Forbidden foods

. Dairy

. Grains

. Legumes

. Refined foods

. Foods/drinks with man made sweeteners i.e. aspartame.


You don’t have to let the foods you eat be boring when following the Paleo. Instead there are numerous Paleo Recipes online that are very tasty!



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