VolcaNO Pre Workout Supplement Review

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VolcaNO is a brand new pre workout supplement, created by Force Factor, an award-winning supplement company. In 2011, Force Factor was awarded as the best new supplement company by Bodybuilding.com.

VolcaNO Benefits:

. Builds Lean Muscle

. Increases Strength

. Enhances Vascularity

. Better Endurance

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I’m always happy to see l-citruline added to a pre workout formula. L-citruline is a powerful vasolidator, meaning it relaxes blood vessels, promoting better blood flow. This means you can expect bigger pumps and road-map vascularity during your workouts. With efficient circulation also important in general health (for your heart in particular), l-citruline is just an all-round great ingredient.

Also with better blood circulation to the working muscles, more oxygen will be delivered to them. This will delay fatigue setting in and thus increase endurance as Force Factor state.

Creatine HCL

Short for Creatine Hydrochloride, and is thought to be the most powerful of all creatine variations on the market (including: monohydrate, Ethyl Ester, Kre-Alkalyn etc). Some reasons why Creatine Hydrochloride gets the edge over other forms of creatine is due to:

. No Bloating

. No need to cycle

. No loading dose required

. No water retention

Creatine monohydrate causes pretty big bloating especially in the stomach region. During a loading phase on monohydrate I can add as much as 2 inches to my waist in just a few days, simply because of all the water retention. This is quite frustrating as a larger waist gives the appearance of a higher body fat %, even if it is just water.

Cycling other forms of creatine is also a bit of a hassle at times, as you could have some great gains for one month, then you’d have to discontinue for at least a fortnight until you can continue. With Creatine HCL and VolcaNO, you do not have to cycle like this, and so your gains can continue rather than tailing off each time at the end of each cycle.

How Creatine HCL increases strength, muscle hypertrophy, vascularity and endurance

Creatine hydrochloride increases fluid (water) retention inside the muscle cell. Thus helping shift extracellular water retention (outside the muscle) inside the muscle cell. This in turn increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), an energy molecule responsible for athletic performance. With greater ATP output, your muscles will take longer to fatigue, enabling you to overload your muscles with a heavier weight and higher reps that usual. This overload will force your muscles to adapt to this increased stimulus, resulting in muscle growth.

As previously mentioned in my post: How to get visible veins/increased vascularity, the more water that holds inbetween the muscle and the skin, the less pronounced your veins will be. However, if you find a way to shift this water i.e. taking Creatine HCL/VolcaNO, then the veins will come to the surface of the skin.


Like, Citruline Malate, Agmapure™, will increase nitric oxide production leading to huge pumps in the gym. This can stimulate muscle growth by stretching the muscle fascia. A tough and rigid Fascia can be detrimental to muscle gains because as your muscle is trying to grow bigger, this cartilage is providing friction against your muscle expanding. By getting bigger pumps you will be stretching this fascia more so than before and making it more flexible/less rigid, provoking muscle growth.

Agmapure also increases glycogen (energy) storage inside the muscle cell. This like Creatine HCL will increase the volume of the cell, and thus your muscles will appear more full. This works by stretching the fascia the same way in which a pump does.

Best Pre Workout Supplement?

I would definitely place VolcaNO in my top 3 all time pre workouts supplements (and I’ve tried a lot of pre workout brands!). The best pre workout still for me though would be Platinum Pre by Optimum Nutrition.

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