Top 3 Protein Shakes on the Market

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There are endless amounts of protein brands and different types of protein powders available on the market. Many often ask me which is the best protein powder you can take? Thus despite the never-ending list of protein powders that saturate the market, I have compiled the Top 3 Protein Shakes.

Monster Mass

monster mass

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50g of Protein (per serving)

Monster Mass contains a whopping 50g of muscle-building protein per serving. If added with a pint of milk this can total 65g. This is a great way to meet your daily protein requirements.

Fast and Slow Proteins

Monster Mass contains both fast and slow proteins. Whey protein is one of the fastest proteins available. And casein protein is a very slow acting protein. When these two are combined it can cause a greater anabolic (muscle building) response than if just one was ingested. The Boirie et al study concluded that when casein and whey was combined it was approximately 100% more effective for gaining upper body strength.

630 Calories (per serving) 

Monster Mass contains 630 calories per serving. Eating more calories than the body burns every day is one of the most important factors for building muscle, making this a great advantage. This is especially the case as some protein shakes’ calorie count can be as low as 100 calories.


Casein Protein (Optimum Nutrition)


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Slow Acting Protein

Casein protein has been nicknamed the “bedtime protein” due to how slow its absorption rate is – taking up to 7 hours to be fully digested. However, it’s also effective at keeping a constant supply of protein and amino acids to the muscles in-between meals.

25g of protein plus BCAAs

Optimum Nutrition’s casein protein has a good amount of protein per serving with 25 grams. Their casein also includes a strong BCAAs content. BCAAs will further help your body stay in a muscle-building state and reduce the chances of your body reaching a negative nitrogen balance. A negative nitrogen balance can potentially lead to a loss of muscle tissue.

Delicious Flavours (Cake Batter mmmm!)

Optimum Nutrition’s casein powder also gives you a choice of some great tasting flavours, including chocolate cake batter, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter – which makes a change from the common plain flavours being chocolate, vanilla and unflavoured.

Whey Protein (Optimum Nutrition)

optimum nutrition whey

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Fast-Acting Protein (23g)

Whey, as previously mentioned, is a super-fast acting protein. This is great for after a workout to help refuel and repair tired muscles. ON’s whey contains a good sevring of 23g of whey.

19 Amino Acids 

ON’s BCAAs profile is equally strong with 19 amino acids, fueling further muscle recovery and growth.

No Nasty Sweeteners

One benefit that is often overlooked in protein supplements is that Optimum Nutrition’s whey refrains from using harmful sweeteners, such as Aspartame, strongly linked with causing cancer. These sweeteners are used by companies to enhance the sweetness without adding sugar.

Worthy Mention

Pro-Antium by Ronnie Coleman


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29g of Whey Protein

Pro-Antium is a product from, Ex-Mr Olympia, Ronnie Coleman’s supplement brand. On average most quality protein powders offer 20-25 grams of whey protein per serving. Pro-Antium gives you 29g – up to 9 grams more than other whey protein supplements.

5 Grams of Creatine

Pro-Antium also includes 5g of Creatine monohydrate. Creatine combined with whey will increase protein synthesis, helping increase strength and muscle gains. For more info on Creatine check out my post: What does Creatine Monohydrate do exactly?

Great Taste

Pro-Antium is also being known for its great taste and mixability, despite what fluids it is mixed with. This is a good advantage, as a less quality protein supplement can come up in lumps rather than providing a smooth texture. For how well it tastes, Pro-Antium only includes 1g of sugar per serving.


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