Top 3 Diets That Work

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There are endless amounts of diets which come and go in and out of fashion. This leads to confusion and over-complication when it comes to losing weight. We have compiled 3 diets that are easy to follow and proven for helping people lose weight effectively.

Cambridge Diet

 Fast Weight Loss

The Cambridge Diet consists of stocking up on various meal replacements where you will get your calories from, as opposed to normal food. These consist mainly of protein shakes, soups, porridge’s and protein bars.

The Cambridge diet is best suited for someone that enjoys the meal-replacements mentioned above and desires to lose weight fast. The reason fast weight loss can be expected is due to the meal-replacements being low in calories, yet leave your stomach feeling full for hours afterwards.

Another benefit is that although you aren’t consuming normal foods, you are still taking in all the vitamins and nutrients that your body requires on a daily basis.

Twinkie Diet

 Easy Weight Loss

The Twinkie Diet was created by American Professor Mark Haub. The diet is what it sounds like – Junk food. I don’t recommend a diet made up of unhealthy foods. However, the Twinkie diet was hard to leave out of the top 3 when it is proven to be one of the easiest ways to lose weight, as you do not have to give up your favourite junk foods.

So, how does eating your favourite junk foods result in weight loss? Professor Haub proved that weight loss comes down to a very simple formula, that is:

Calories in < Calories burned = Weight Loss

(No matter whether those calories come from healthy or unhealthy sources)

Professor Haub actually managed to lose 27lbs in just 2 months living on junk foods including donuts, Doritos, Twinkies, Oreos, nutty bars, muffins and high sugar cereals. This method also deserves its place in the top 3 as it doesn’t try and over-complicate things. It sends out a clear message: Count your calories, and if you aren’t losing weight, they aren’t low enough.

Note: Mr Haub did not even exercise a lot during this diet (1 hour a week), proving that exercise is not essential when trying to lose weight either.

Paleo Diet

 Healthy Weight Loss

The Paleo Diet, otherwise known as the caveman diet, is one of the healthiest diets to exist. It eliminates all refined foods, sweeteners, added sugar and dairy foods that are all so evident in many people’s diets today.

Instead, the diet consists of foods that were eaten by our ancestors millions of years ago. These include: Fish, vegetables, nuts, eggs, seeds and meat. In terms of drinks, spring and coconut water are allowed.

Not only were cavemen some of the healthiest beings, but their physiques were also lean and chiseled. In fact, their bodies are still being admired today. Not bad being remembered for your body millions of years into the future, eh? There you have it, depending on what diet suits your personal needs, you have 3 proven one’s to choose from!

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