Thermakor Review: Best Fat Burner?

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My 3 Month Transformation – After 3 Bottles of Thermakor 



What I Noticed:

. Rapid Fat Loss

. Improved Muscle Tone and Definition

. Increased Energy


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My fat loss really turbocharged during the later stages of supplementation – being in the 2nd and 3rd months. I recommend taking Thermakor for 90 consecutive days for best results. This is an ideal amount of time for your body to be in a fat burning environment and drop as many %’s of body fat as possible.

Saving $38 also brings down the cost of Thermakor supplementation, helping you save approximately $14 each month on average.

More About Thermakor

Thermakor is a popular fat burning supplement, thanks to its powerful and unique fat burning blend. Thermakor contains 100% natural ingredients including:


. Green Tea Extract

. Yohimbine

. Evodia

. Caffeine



The ingredients above will speed up your fat loss efforts via the process of thermogenesis. This is where your core body temperature increases and thus turbo charges your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. Stimulating thermogenesis with ingredients such as yohimbine, caffeine and green tea extract is one of the fastest ways to burn fat stores.

Appetite Suppressant

Eviodia is a less well-known ingredient in the Thermakor blend, but is one of my favourites. Evodia is great for suppressing your appetite and reducing cravings. I am a snacker and particularly love scoffing my face at night time before bed. Evodia really helps to curb this hunger keeping me on track and consistently in a calorie deficit.

Pumped Energy

Not only will your body fat % decrease whilst supplementing with Thermakor’s  ingredients, but your energy levels will also go through the roof. This is due to heightened adrenaline levels giving you that “motivated” and “pumped” feeling. This added energy can increase the intensity of your workouts, enhancing fat burning potential via increased energy expenditure.

As Thermakor uses all natural ingredients such as green tea extract and caffeine, you will not experience jitters and palpitations like many unnatural fat burners include, such as ephedra-based supplements for example.

No Side Effects

Due to Thermakor’s inclusion of safe and tested natural ingredients, it is thus side effect free. A lack of side effects is the most important factor for me when choosing a fat burner. After all, not only do you want your fat burner to get you ripped, but you don’t want to compromise your health simultaneously. This is where Thermakor gets a big thumbs up.

The only thing I would mention is that it’d be best not to take Thermakor to close to bedtime as adrenaline-release at this time is most likely going to keep you up. Simply taking Thermakor earlier in the day will prevent insomnia.

Studies on Thermakor’s ingredients

. “Higher caffeine and green tea intake increases fat loss”

– Pubmed study



“Yohimbine significantly reduced body fat % and is a suitable fat loss strategy for elite athletes”.



“Weight and fat mass significantly reduced. Evodia also prevented the a person gaining perivisceral fat”


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