The “How to be More Confident” Bible

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Confidence is one of the greatest qualities you can have. And if you have it in abundance, you will not only feel better about yourself and see your life quality improve, but you’ll also attract success in various areas of your life. Confidence will make you increasingly attractive to the opposite sex, and improve the chances of you having a successful career.

Why do some people ooze confidence?

There are some people that just are naturally confident. These are the people everybody loves to be in the company of. They haven’t worked hard for this confidence, it is just something that has always come naturally to them. However, if we can understand why these people are born confident, we can manipulate the make-up in our bodies to replicate this effect.

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1. Testosterone

Testosterone should be nicknamed the “confidence hormone”. The higher testosterone levels in your body, the greater self-esteem, power and drive you will possess. How do you increase your testosterone?

. Have SexStudy

. Refrain from Masturbation – Study

. Exposure to the Sun – boosts testosterone by up to 120% (Boston State Hospital Study)

Sunlight works in this way, as vitamin D levels rocket with direct sunlight on the skin. As vitamin D levels go up, testosterone also shoots up.  Just be sure to use plenty of sun-cream to prevent sunburn.


Things to Avoid That Lower Testosterone

. Phone in Pocket All Day

Due to the radio waves interfering with the testicles natural testosterone production.

. Not Enough Sleep 

Testosterone is highest in the morning after sleep. A lack of sleep will decrease testosterone, so make sure you get 8+ hours each night for optimal testosterone levels.

. Not Enough Fat Consumption 

Fats in your diet administer testosterone production. And no don’t worry eating fats won’t make you fat.

. Too Much Exercise

When your body is overtraining due to too much stress via exercise, the stress hormone (cortisol) will rise. This will sabotage testosterone levels and can even lead to illness.

. Alcohol

Alcohol contains the female sex hormone, estrogen, which in turn reduces testosterone levels dramatically.


. Milk

Milk also contains high levels of estrogen in, so should be limited. Milk in your cereal is  not a tragedy, but drinking cup fulls every day isn’t recommended.


2. Endorphin’s

Endorphin’s are chemicals in the brain that make us feel happy and outgoing. If you are happy, you are more likely to be confident with your peers.

How to Increase Endorphin Production

. Sex

When you orgasm you will produce plenty of endorphin’s, leaving you in a happy state for several hours and even days.

. Exercise 

Ever heard of “runner’s high”? That’s exactly what this phrase is referring to.

. Exposure to the Sun

Sunlight is crucial in terms of the production of endorphin’s in the brain and the more sunlight you can get, the better.

(There are several other ways of increasing endorphins, but haven’t been included in the list as they come with several side effects that are not beneficial for increasing confidence. I.e. smoking cannabis will send a tonne of endorphin’s rushing through your brain, however marijuana will later cause anxiety, as it stimulates the nervous system.)


3. No Worries

Even having high testosterone levels will not necessarily make you confident, as there is one more important factor – anxiety. Ater all a person with high testosterone can also experience anxiety, hindering his/her confidence. Reducing anxiety as much as possible will leave you with unlimited confidence.

The main cause of anxiety is actually chemical and not something that has happened in your life. This makes it just a case of altering some of the neurotransmitters in the brain. A stimulated central nervous system often produces bouts of anxiety, as your mind will find it difficult to switch off. Here are some things that will stimulate your nervous system, and thus should be avoided:


Examples: Tea, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, chewing gum


Alcohol naturally soothes the nervous system, making you forget all your worries and seem anxiety-free. However, after this initial period, the stress hormone cortisol, remains in your blood and results with the nervous system becoming aroused and stimulated. This is why some drinkers feel edgy and anxious the day after an all-night binge.

Sugar (Reduce excess consumption)

Sugar is a stimulant like caffeine, and will cause you to feel happy immediately after consumption. Yet when this initial burst is over, it can leave you feeling depressed and anxious – when blood sugar levels come crashing.


Aspartame is a sweetener that is used as a replacement for sugar. It has many dangerous side effects, with one being its tendency to cause severe anxiety in some individuals. This is due to the chemical blocking serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin leaves you feeling happy, thus blocking this can lead to major depression and anxious thoughts.

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