Sculpting the Adonis Belt aka “V Lines”

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The adonis belt is often referred to as the “sex v”, due to the flirtatious lines that trail to the below area. These Michelangelo-like creases are without doubt one of the highlights of the abdominal region.

The adonis belt is part of the inguinal ligament structure. Essentially, the lines that create the “v shape” are part of this ligament. Although the adonis belt being seen is due to this ligament, the ligament itself isn’t the cause for the lines being visible. After all, everybody has this ligament, but not everybody has a strong defined Adonis belt.

Adonis belt

How to get a visible Adonis’ Belt

Body fat

Overall definition and tone starts to peak at under 10% body fat for a man, and under 15% body fat for a woman. Fat loss is a key factor is attaining a chiseled and defined midsection. Fat simply covers all muscle detail and no matter how much you build certain muscles, they will continue to hide until this fat is removed.


Some people naturally have great “V lines”, without having to exercise to get them. This is an example of someone with great genetics. Others can be sporty, have low levels of body fat and still not have visible creases. Despite your genes, there are specific exercises you can implement into your routine that will improve your adonis belt.


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Building the TVA

The muscle responsible for bringing out more definition in the adonis belt is called the Transversus Abdominis (TVA for short). The role of the TVA is to help compress the ribs and keep your core stabilized, including the back and pelvis. A real life scenario where this core stabilization from the TVA muscles becomes essential is when a woman is giving birth.

The more mass you can develop from the transversus abdominis, the more pronounced and visible the adonis belt lines will become. Cristiano Ronaldo, in particular, has great mass in this area (shown below).


Exercises to Build the TVA

There are two key exercises that effectively build the TVA muscle. These exercises should be performed at least once a day (more if possible), which will help you develop good muscle hypertrophy in this region.

Stomach Vacuum

body aesthetics
Frank Zane performing a stomach vacuum


Demo: Link

The stomach vacuum was made popular by bodybuilders in the 70’s, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane often performing this exercise. This vacuum was performed to help create an illusion of a tiny waist in proportion to the muscles, but the stomach vacuum is also advantageous for developing a great core.

In short, a stomach vacuum is simply sucking in your stomach as far as possible. This vacuum will help develop strength and hypertrophy in the TVA and core region.


Demo: Link

Holding a plank for a minimum of sixty seconds will also help effectively build the TVA muscles. Be sure to have a watch or clock nearby so you can time yourself, and aim to beat your last plank time.

Constantly beating your last effort will give the body a reason to keep developing in terms of strength and size. Without this overload, results can come to a halt. It’s important to keep your back and bum level during this exercise, raising or lowering either one of these will take less emphasis off the TVA muscle.

Supplement with TestoFuel to Reveal Your Adonis Belt

Your lower abs/v lines are typically stubborn fat areas. This means it is particularly difficult to reduce fat compared to others parts of the body. Supplementation is great for targeting these stubborn fat regions and maximizing definition in the adonis belt. One of the best supplements for losing fat and increasing muscle definition in your adonis belt is a testosterone booster called TestoFuel.

alex transformation

TestoFuel is great for increasing your testosterone-to-cortisol ratio. Cortisol is the dreaded hormone that will store stubborn fat around your V lines. Testosterone however is a powerful fat burning hormone. So, the more this ratio swings in testosterone’s favour, the better.

My training partner Alex (left) noticed a massive difference in his adonis belt after supplementing with TestoFuel. He ordered 3 boxes/months worth. In the first month he saw a little bit of improvement. Then in the 2nd and 3rd months his fat loss increased dramatically round his midsection and his v lines were a lot more pronounced.





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