Best Fat Burning Steroids Available Online

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Having ripped six pack abs with amazing roadmap vascularity flowing throughout your body is definitely the pinnacle of bodybuilding. More and more men from all around the world are coming to discover the amazing benefits of having a lean body, with little fat and ripped muscles. Additionally, six pack abs are regularly voted as women’s number one most desirable feature at a man.

The good news is that every man on the planet can enjoy a flawless, ripped body, with toned muscles and perfectly-defined 6 pack abs. However, in order to accomplish your bodybuilding goals and get that perfect body you’ve been dreaming of, you need to shed off those extra pounds. This is where fat burning steroids come in, enabling you to lose all that stubborn belly fat in a matter of weeks. read more

Best Steroids for Vascularity AKA Roadmap Veins


Before we reveal the best 3 steroids for enhancing your veins, lets first see what increases vascularity; to fully understand why and how these steroids work. There are four main factors that effect vascularity:

1. Thick/Thin skin

Vascularity Influence: 

This is partly genetic. If you have thick-skin genetics, there will simply be extra layers of skin covering your veins. As you age though your skin naturally thins, hence why you see some old bodybuilders with ridiculous vascularity.

Dianabol is one of the best steroids for showing off your veins, as it is effective at thinning your skin during a cycle. read more

Best Steroids for Increasing Strength


Nothing is more frustrating in bodybuilding than hitting a strength plateau. The good news is there are several steroids that can help you overcome such plateaus and add up to 40% more weight to your lifts in just 8 weeks. In short, if you can bench 100kg for reps now, get ready to bench 140kg in a couple of months time with the steroids mentioned below.

What Determines How Strong a Person Is?

1) Body Weight

A heavier person is going to be able to lift more. We can influence this factor by obviously eating more calories; but also picking steroids that increase (intracellular) water retention. This means water retention inside the muscle cells, creating extra fullness; as opposed to water outside the muscle cell which masks muscle definition. read more

Which Steroids are Safe?


ILLEGAL Steroids Aren’t Safe

Anabolic steroids are illegal for one simple reason – they are not 100% safe. However, this doesn’t stop gym-goers from getting them locally from people they know.

This is otherwise known as purchasing from the black market. The problems with obtaining steroids this way is you don’t know what you’re getting. There’s no guarantee that what they say is in the bottle, actually is the steroid you want.

It’s not like a shop where all the ingredients are listed and it’s been regulated by legal authorities. You always run the risk of damaging your health this way. And the other thing is – you could waste your money on something that’s a placebo in a bottle. read more

What is the Best Steroid Stack to Get HUGE Muscles?

The following is a short review of what the best steroid cycle is to get huge muscles. These recommendations are perfect for those trying to build mass in a relatively quick and stress-free manner.

To begin, it has been comprehensively proven that androgen based steroids work exceptionally well when they are cycled with other ‘combination’ steroids.



Crazy Bulk’s Dianabol happens to be one of the best androgen based steroids currently in the market. It’s even referred to as the godfather of all legal steroids; and is essentially a fast-acting strength and muscle agent – whose effects closely mimic the anabolic steroid methadrostenolone. read more

Anavar (Oxandrolone) For Sale

If you’d like to achieve superb results on a cutting cycle with regards to fat burning and achieving that dry look, you don’t need to look any further than Anavarotherwise known as Oxandrolone.

This is because Anavar is one of the most effective steroids that exist when it comes to burning fat and preserving lean tissue during a low-calorie diet.


As well as this, Anavar also actively increases your strength and energy whilst on limited calories.

…Yes I know what you’re thinking – It’s pretty much the perfect cutting steroid. read more

GainZzz™ Supplement Review by Force Factor


First of all – what a great name for a supplement! As you may have guessed by the title, GainZzz™ is a sleeping formula, allowing you to build muscle whilst you sleep.

Supplements like these are my favourite because you are creating a more anabolic (muscle building) environment within your body when you are snoozing; which has to be the laziest/smartest way of getting jacked! Remember it’s not just how hard you are training during your workout, but how smart your nutrition and supplementation is before you hit the sack. This is a critical time for your muscles because: read more

Prime Male Review, King of Testosterone Boosters?

What’s Prime Male?

It’s an entirely natural supplement that’s inclusive of a synergistic blend that’s supposed to assist your body in creating higher levels of testosterone. The results are widely reported to have been very positive, so after reading a few reviews on the stuff I thought I’d give it a go. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve got testosterone and its responsible for certain features of your body. These features include your sex drive, your stamina and muscle mass. Once you’ve reached the age of around 25, testosterone levels start to decrease, resulting in bad energy levels, sex drive and problems with maintaining or building muscle. This product’s aimed at helping people to have the optimal testosterone levels, regardless of their age. Carry on reading my Prime Male Testosterone Booster review if you’d like to find out whether it’s actually effective or not. read more

Lose Water to Get Dry and Shredded in 6 Days

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Water Retention and Looking “Dry”

The more water that collects inbetween your skin and your muscles, the less defined and chiseled your physique will be. This effect can be observed after eating a salty meal, where this overload in sodium causes the body to retain excess fluid, causing a bloated and puffy appearance. This art of manipulating water levels can make a huge difference on stage and is usually the deciding factor in which bodybuilder finishes 6th or 1st.

You can apply the tricks in this post not just when entering competitions to get that edge over your fellow competitors; but also to social events i.e. wanting to look that extra bit shredded at the beach. read more

ProbioSlim Supplement Review

ProbioSlim is a new supplement designed by Force Factor, the company behind the popular pre workout supplement – VolcaNO. In short, ProbioSlim is a probiotic supplement coupled with fat burning properties.

Probiotic: A living micro-organism containing non-pathogenic bacteria (the good kind!).

Claims to:

. Reduce diarrhoea

. Reduce constipation/gas/bloating

. Burn fat

. Increase energy

My Initial Thoughts

My first impression of ProbioSlim is positive, as it is a supplement that will improve your health. This sounds quite straightforward, but I have reviewed countless fitness/health supplements where manufacturers include harmful ingredients in a bid to make the supplement more powerful at bettering your physical appearance. This can come at a cost – your good health. read more