How Many Calories in a Banana?

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Calories in a banana

Small Banana – 76 cals
Medium Banana – 95 cals
Large Banana 114 cals

Banana Size

Usually you can tell whether a banana fits into the small, medium or large category by its weight. Around  120 grams is a large and 80 grams being classed a small banana. A banana weighing around the 100g mark a medium sized banana.

What type of calories are these?

Almost all of a banana’s calories come from sugar. There is on average 14 grams of sugar in a medium sized banana. These are naturally occurring sugars in the form of fructose. read more

The Ultimate Upper Body Workout

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The following workout will increase strength and muscle gains. It is essentially a back and chest workout. Although they are predominantly chest and back exercises, it also engages the triceps, biceps, deltoids (shoulders) and traps, therefore it hits pretty much every muscle of the upper body.

The Pump

The idea behind combining back and chest exercises into one session, will give the upper body a maximum pump. The pump is when the muscles fill with blood, making them expand in size. Some training routines involve training the chest one day and the back another day. This can be effective, but getting a maximum pump in the whole of the upper body will encourage more growth. read more

Best “Toning Exercises” Revealed

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Everybody wants to have toned muscles. Being toned is a symbol that someone is lean, fit and attractive. So, which exercises do you have to do in order to achieve the most amazingly toned body? The answer is none. No exercise will directly tone any body part. Muscle tone is the result of having low levels of body fat and a certain amount of muscle size. Losing body fat is 100% got to do with nutrition and how much you eat in accordance to your metabolism.

A Weight Loss plan combined with some muscle building exercises, are the perfect recipe for increasing muscle tone fast! Below are some of the best “toning” exercises. read more

Mike Mentzer’s 3 Second Rule for Building Muscle

About Mike Mentzer

Mike Mentzer was a bodybuilding great of the 70’s, becoming the first and only man to score a perfect 300 points in the Mr Universe competition. He also produced a perfect performance in the Mr Olympia heavyweight class in 1979.

He created one of the most admired physiques of all time, yet had some unique and controversial training philosophies. He would only spend half an hour in the gym and at times only work out 3 times a week. He believed this was more effective than spending 3 hours in the gym, 6 days a week as some of his counter-parts did. With spending much less time in the gym, yet producing as good muscle gains, many believe that Mentzer was one of the smartest bodybuilders ever. read more

Weight Lifting vs Gymnastics | Best Way to Build Muscle?

Weight lifting is perhaps the most common form of exercise for one trying to build muscle. But is it the most effective? Calisthenics (body weight movements) is a another powerful way to build muscle. In this article we will discuss which one is the best muscle building methodology!

1. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is the term used to describe body weight exercises. The basic body weight exercises include body weight squats, pullups, pushups. Then there are upper body variations such as diamond pushups, chin ups (under arm grip), clap pushups, handstand pushups, prison pullups and more. read more

Secrets for How to Get Big Arms

“How to get big arms?” is one of the most common questions a gym-goer will ask himself when trying to build muscle. Let’s face it, arms are the one muscle that gets all the attention and are easily visible in a t-shirt. However, building big bulging arms is not an easy task and many gym rats spend countless hours in the gym only to see minimal results. By reading this article, you will learn that the biggest factor in gaining big arms is not just to work hard – but to work smart. read more

How Much Weight Gain to Expect in Pregnancy?

To gain weight in pregnancy is inevitable, but just how much will you add to the scale and where? There can be implications with pregnancy if too little or too much weight is gained. Read on to find out a healthy amount of weight you can expect to put on and how to minimize risks to yourself and your baby.

Soon-to-be mothers have different views on weight gain during pregnancy. Some, anxious of the weight gain may try their best to keep the weight gain to a minimum as they feel alarmed by the dramatic change in their body. Others see it as an opportunity to indulge in their favourite foods, with the popular saying of “I’m now eating for two!”. read more

3 Ultimate Fat Burning Exercises Revealed

Losing fat is one of the most challenging tasks people face all over the world. It can be confusing learning what the best “fat burning exercises” are and whether they even exist. In this article I will reveal three fat burning exercises you can do in the gym or the pleasure of your own home. These exercises will give a powerful boost to your metabolism, helping you melt fat even in your sleep!

 1. Sprints

When you sprint, you release a load of Human Growth Hormone. HGH’s effects include fat burning and increased muscle tone. Take a look at sprinters for real life proof of the exceptionally low body fat levels you can reach by incorporating sprints daily. read more

Abdominal Exercises the Pros Use…

It can be tough finding out which abdominal exercises are the most effective for building a six pack and increasing core strength, as different sources recommend different exercises. The following article will only contain abdominal exercises used by professional fitness models (male and female).

Hanging knee raises

Performed by Rob Riches

robRob Riches is one of the biggest fitness models in the industry, with his main attraction being his six pack abs. He uses a lot of hanging knee raises to develop the lower portion of the abdominals – widely thought as the most difficult section to develop. Source read more

Best Dumbbell Exercises Used by the Pros


The following exercises are used daily by some of the top fitness models in the world. These exercises are a big factor in what has transformed average-joe bodies into some of the best physiques on the planet.

These exercises can be used to build muscle or to tone your muscles (a diet that is tailored for weight loss will result in toned muscles, and a diet tailored to building muscles will result in increased muscularity). At the end of this article I will reveal where you can find different diet plans to help you reach your goal, but in the meantime enjoy these exercises! read more