MuscleFood Protein Muffins Review

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I tried the toffee fudge muffins and the taste surpised me. I expected them to be nice, but these muffins really taste amazing. They are the best muffins I’ve ever tried, including supermarket one’s. My girlfriend tried some and even said she’d buy them just because of the taste, and was not interested in them from a bodybuilding/protein perspective.

Another thing she pointed out was that MuscleFood are generous with the toffee fudge pieces. In contrast, some companies can be a bit stingy with the toppings, maybe to cut costs.

They are moist and gooey when you bite into them. Also they are sweet tasting but also savoury tasting on the inside (probably due to the protein content), so you could eat these regularly and not get turned off by them being too sweet.

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Nutritional Value 



From a calorie perspective, I would class these as pretty high calorie. 1 muffin doesn’t seem like much on your stomach, so to see these at 415 calories each, surprised me. This makes them great for bulking. I am cutting right now, so I just limited myself to one a day.


The only negative with the nutritional value, is that each muffin contains 20g of sugar. This is approximately 5 tea spoons. This is fairly high, and will spike insulin levels. Considering how good they taste it was of no surpise to see a good amount sugar added.

This sugar isn’t necesarily a drawback, if you eat these muffins at the right times. I.e. after a workout where your glycogen levels are low and you want to draw protein into the muscle cell quickly, an insulin spike is ideal from these muffins.


With the muffins being high calorie, it is only natural that they are rich in fats. It is good to see that these fats are mainly unsaturated, the healthy kind, that will boost your good cholesterol levels (HDL) and lower blood pressure. Vegetable oil is the ingredient behind this.

Musclefood Ltd


With 22g of protein per muffin, this is a generous serving which can really help you meet your daily protein requirements. Instead of cramming in your 200g of protein per day from chicken and tuna, this is a tasty alternative.

This amount of protein means little, unless it’s coming from a high quality source. When the protein is of a high quality, the body can absorb it more efficiently and use more of the protein for building muscle tissue. The protein used is soy protein. To give us a glimpse of the protein quality of soy, we should check its biological value. This will determine how much of the protein the body can utilize for the muscle-building process. The higher the Biological value score, the better.


Soy protein: 74

This is a good score, making it more or less the same protein quality as beef (which also has a BV of 74).

Ingredient Breakdown


Most of the ingredients are natural and healthy. The only drawback I can see is that some E numbers are added, most likely to enhance the flavour.



At £8.90 for 6 muffins, this translates to £1.48 per muffin. If they didn’t taste as good as they do, I would say this is a bit expensive. In fair reflection, MuscleFood’s muffins also contain 22g of protein, and 415 calories, so this isn’t bad value.

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