Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Review

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My 3 Month Six Pack Shortcuts Transformation




My Results

. I achieved ripped six pack abs

. I lost 10% of body fat 

. My muscle tone improved everywhere






Who is Mike Chang?

mike chang

Mike Chang is an I.S.S.A certified personal trainer. He apparently was given nutrition and exercise advice that wasn’t working, so he decided to create his own program that actually works. After much experimenting he has created the Six Pack Shortcuts system which has seen a huge rise in popularity with him achieving over 100,000 fans on Facebook and 1,000,000 subscribers to his videos on YouTube.

Just like with any successful person, he also has a few haters online which I am not surprised about considering he is probably stinking rich plus has six pack abs!



Mike Chang Practices What he Preaches

I always say to people don’t take advice from someone who hasn’t achieved what you want. Mike Chang has been pretty fat and overweight, yet he has used the Six Pack Shortcuts system to get a good set of abs. This is always a good sign, which not only shows he knows what he’s talking about; but his transformation can also inspire people and help them see that anyone can get ripped abs – even if they are initially out of shape.

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No Gym Membership Required

Six Pack Shortcuts workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money. Gym membership fees when added up over the course of a year can easily total $500 or more.

Training and Nutritional Videos for Motivation

Body transformation plans often include pages full of advice and instructions, which can be tiresome reading and referring back to. Instead, Six Pack Shortcuts includes educational and motivational videos which personally I prefer and really helped me stay on track and achieve six pack abs.


27 Different Workouts

Many ab programs give you a killer abs workout which is initially effective. However, after a few weeks the same workout becomes tedious and the body adapts to the exercises, slowing down progress. 27 ab workouts prevented me from getting bored and resulted in some great conditioning for my abs. Also after a period of time the workouts can be re-cycled to great effect.

One on One Coaching by Mike

You get free one-on-one coaching with your program, giving you the chance to have all your questions answered by Mike via email at any time of your choosing. I think this is a very important part of the package as people need to be helped not only with an initial plan but also need continuous support to keep making gains.

For example I had a personal dilemma where I had to take an unexpected two weeks away from the program due to personal circumstances. Mike eased my worries that I wouldn’t lose my gains if I implemented some small but key details during those 2 weeks. He was right, I didn’t take any steps backwards and his advice was a great help.



Costs $97

The cost is higher than other programs online at $97. However, I have tried other programs that are cheaper but unfortunately they didn’t work. So you do get what you pay for. The program does what it says, it gets you six pack abs.

However, on the flip side you could look at it as if you’re paying $97 in exchange for six pack abs. In that respect it is a pretty generous deal!

No Hidden Secrets

The program’s contents and advice is nothing new. The main fat loss strategy is based on the “after-burn effect” philosophy. This is how you can burn calories for hours even after you’ve finished exercising, which is a very smart and effective strategy for fat loss around the midsection. Despite this being nothing new it’s definitely worth hearing Mike’s advice about how to implement this strategy effectively for maximum results.



Overall Rating – 4.5/5




If you want a six pack, Six Pack Shortcuts is a must-buy program. Mike Chang basically spells it out how to get a six pack.

So, if you are committed and consistent you will see some great results and get ripped like I did. I owe a lot to Mike Chang for helping me transform my body and become more confident in myself, hence the almost perfect overall rating 🙂






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