Jack3d Pre Workout Supplement Review

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Jack3d has been popular for a long time now. It is a pre workout formula that you can take 30-45 minutes before your weights session to get you energized or “jacked”.

Ingredients Breakdown

Proprietary Bland – 4,145mg

I’m not a big fan of proprietary blend’s due to you not being able to see the exact amount of each ingredient added. But here are the ingredients below, where I’ll discuss if they are effective or not.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate

This is a nitric oxide booster that dilates your blood vessels, allowing increased blood flow to reach your muscles. This means you will be getting bigger pumps in the gym and your muscles will be feeling skin-tight.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine draws water inside the muscle cells, allowing you to lift more weight and for a longer period of time (endurance). Creatine also temporarily makes your muscle appear bigger – the result of water retention.


Beta-alanine delays fatigue onset. It reduces lactic acid and ammonia build up in the muscles and decreases the burn you feel in those final reps. I.e. if you can only do 10 reps of squats in the first set; taking beta-alanine will allow you to do more reps as it minimizes the burn causing you to stop. This a type of overload that can help you overcome workout plateaus.


Caffeine sparks your nervous system, increasing your energy and focus during workouts. It also enhances fat burning due to it raising your body temperature and metabolism.


DMAA is pretty hardcore. There is a little controversy about it due to its strong stimulating factors – but the energy you get from it, is like nothing else. It is an ingredient that once it’s in your system, you will be ready to lift more weight than you ever have before.

Flavour Variety

There are 5 different flavours, so you can swap and change without getting bored. It also mixes and tastes pretty good.

Note: Jack3d is quite hardcore, so if you’re a newbie or you think you could be sensitive, I recommend just starting with one scoop per day – then building up your tolerance and taking more if needed.

Lowest Price

You can save $31 if you get Jack3d from IllPumpYouUp.com. You get 45 servings for $24.99. That translates to almost $0.50 per serving – which is great value.


Pre Workout Rating

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