Is Anavar the Best Fat Burning Steroid?

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Over recent years there has been a lot of hype surrounding the usage of ‘fat burning’ steroids…and more particularly Anavar.

Such cutting supplements are so powerful, they can transform a chubby man into lean-looking athlete.

I’m guessing as you’ve landed on this article you’ve already heard of anavar 😉

And if so, you’re probably wondering: is Anavar the best fat burning steroid?

In short, anavar or (oxandrolone) is incredibly effective when it comes to losing body fat in a relatively rapid and stress-free manner. It’s a lot less hassle than taking a cutting steroid like trenbolone, which can come with several harsh side effects.


No Side Effects with Anavar

However, before we delve deeper into the fat burning properties of Anavar lets see what this compound really is.

Oxandrolone’s effects are pretty mild on the hypothalamic – testicular – pituitary axis (HFTA) and also the liver. Because of these gentle attributes it’s known as one of the few steroids to be tolerated by female users.

Permanent Fat Loss

Although Anavar is primarily a cutting steroid used to reduce body weight (fat), Anavar is extremely versatile and comes with anabolic (muscle building) attributes too.

Thus it’s not impossible for users to gain muscle even when cutting with anavar. Although gaining significant amounts of muscle is unlikely, it is common for strength levels to go up considerably.

Research done on this steroid have revealed that due to its mild nature, users (especially men) have to take significantly high doses than other steroids to achieve their noticeable muscle growth.

While some other studies have shown that the muscle mass gained by using Anavar disappears once the user stops taking it.

Therefore, Anavar isn’t a fantastic bulking steroid; even though it has shown to add lean mass when combined with a high calorie diet.

On the flipside, the fat loss effects of this steroid have been comprehensively shown to be permanent in nature. Another remarkable attribute of this impressive steroid is the fact its effects occur without changing your diet or training regimen.

If you find it difficult to shift weight, combining Anavar with Winstrol, Clen and Testosterone  will give you even better/faster results. You may make the same gains in half the time using such a cutting stack -compared to just Anavar alone.


Cutting Stack

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Studies on Anavar

There was a notable study that was conducted by some of the leading endocrinologists in the US, who were funded by the government and Savient (its maker). This study was attempting to measure the effectiveness and safety of Anavar, and the results were nothing short of incredible. The study used elderly men as subjects, taking modest doses of Oxandrolone (20mg daily). This led to a 1.8 kg of fat loss after only 12 weeks. Now remember, that isn’t 1.8kg of weight but actual fat stores.

Now, imagine how much fat a man would burn who was 20 or 30 years younger.

The findings showed that the subjects experienced changes of 10cm2 in abdominal fat, 3 cm2 in subcutaneous fat and 5 cm2 in hip and thigh fat. These are undoubtedly very intriguing revelations that point out that Anavar is indeed an excellent fat burning steroid.

Anavar & Insulin Levels

Additionally, research done on Anavar has helped us learn that the more fat Anavar users burn, the lower their insulin levels tend to be before eating.

This happens to be a remarkable benefit as insulin sensitivity has been linked with decreased levels of inflammation within the body.

Spiked insulin levels can also contribute to fat storage.

So, is Anavar the best fat burning steroid in the world? It’s a close one with Clenbutrol; but quite probably yes.

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