I Have Low Testosterone Levels: Why? And What Should I Do?

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If you have low testosterone levels, it is a matter of correcting something in your diet or lifestyle that is lowering your natural T production. There are countless ways to lower your testosterone levels, from the foods you eat to your daily lifestyle habits – which I will later state. Supplementation (mentioned at the bottom of this article) can also make a huge difference in your total testosterone count.

I am going to cover as many possible reasons for why your T is low. Once you correct what is wrong in your individual situation, your T levels will boom.



Soya has several health benefits including: boosting healthy cholesterol levels (HDLs), decreasing risk of prostate cancer and reducing chances of developing osteoporosis. However, soya is an estrogenic compound. Estrogen is the female sex hormone, that when present in males, lowers testosterone levels. Thus all estrogen foods/drinks should be avoided.


If you are a keen drinker, this will also sabotage T levels. There is two reasons for this. One is that alcohol is also estrogenic, like soya. The other is due to alcohol being a poison. Thus when it enters your blood stream, the body recognizes this poison and consequently cortisol (stress) levels rise in order to deal with this “threat” to the body. As cortisol rises, T lowers. Try and minimize alcohol consumption and if possible, eliminate it completely.

Lack of Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, T levels plummet. A canadian study has found that a lack of sleep can result in a T loss of 27%. It has also been found that fathers of new born babies can also experience a decrease in T levels. According to the National Academy of Sciences T levels of newborn fathers can reduce by as much as 34%. Given the fact that new born fathers are more susceptible to less sleep, this could well be the contributor to this.

Too Much Body Fat

The higher your body fat % is, the more your T levels will decrease. Body fat increases aromatase activity, which converts Testosterone to estrogen.


Milk and Cheese

These two foods are eaten, in good quantities, by millions on a daily basis. Both of these contain high amounts of estrogen, as the first process in both, is to take milk from the mother cow. Adding milk to your cereal isn’t going to hurt; it is when you’re drinking cups of milk or eating pizza’s on a regular basis when this is going to start to have an effect.


Chinese researches have found that abstaining from masturbation can provoke a 50% rise in testosterone in just 7 days. Thus you can easily draw from this that masturbation can in fact lower testosterone. Symptoms experienced after masturbation including: tiredness, fatigue and less motivation, are all signs of low T – helping confirm this research.

Not enough Dietary Fats

Eating fats in your diet is absolutely essential for healthy testosterone levels. Fats are required for administering T in the body. Studies have found a direct correlation in high levels of fat in a person’s diet and higher testosterone levels. Some great food sources for increased healthy fat consumption are:

. Fish fats i.e. salmon

. Peanuts

. Mayonnaise

. Almonds

. Olive oil

Overheated Testicles

The more heat that is applied to your nuts, the lower your T will be. Thus taking regular hot baths for lengthy periods is not optimal. Nor is wearing tight underwear such as Y fronts, or taking a regular saunas.

When your testicles are exposed to low temperatures, T levels are amplified. The Thrombosis Institute, situated in England confirmed this theory. They had several men take cold showers on a daily basis and then measured their total serum T, which had consequently shot up. Icing the testicles is just one trick many boxers use when trying to raise testosterone before a fight, in a bid to rally up aggression.

Not enough sunlight (Vitamin D deficient)

Testosterone levels are often determined by the months in the year. In the winter months, a man’s testosterone will be at its lowest. In the summer, T peaks. This is because as vitamin D levels rise in the body, so does testosterone. Vitamin D comes from the sun, so a lack of exposure to it means less T.

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc can be a great natural test boosting ingredient. It reduces aromatase in the body, thus decreasing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Foods rich in zinc include: oysters, beef, lamb, wheatgerm, spinach, pumpkin seeds, cocoa, nuts and beans.

A serving of oysters alone will give you 445% of your daily recommended intake of zinc. This zinc content affecting T levels is the reason why they say oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac.

Your Getting Old

For every year you age (over the age of 40), you will lose 1% of testosterone. So, by the time you’re 60, you would have experienced a 20% permanent loss in your natural testosterone production.

A Testosterone Booster Could be the Answer

A testosterone booster with proven ingredients is a great option when trying to see a whopping rise in T production. The natural T booster that gave me impressive gains was TestoFuel. TestoFuel contains generous doses of vitamin D, oyster extract and D-aspartic acid – all beneficial for higher T.

My 12 Week TestoFuel Transformation


This transformation was after 3 boxes of TestoFuel. I had to wait until the 2nd and 3rd months before I started to experience significant improvements in strength and size, as it needs to build up in your system first.

If you stay consistent with taking 4 capsules a day (as stated on the box) and combine it with intense weight lifting, you will make great gains. If for whatever reason you don’t, they offer a money back guarantee.




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