How to Increase Your Natural Testosterone Levels

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Testosterone is the male anabolic hormone in the body that separates men socially and physically. Alpha males typically have high Testosterone levels.

These men behave with increased confidence, sex drive, determination and competitiveness. In terms of your body image, high testosterone also plays a key role in building muscle and burning fat.


Anabolic steroids is simply injecting high levels of testosterone into the body, so the impact testosterone levels have on your physical appearance can be significant. Although your natural testosterone levels won’t ever reach the level of artificial testosterone, you can still experience some noticeable gains.

1. Fats

A diet high in fats correlates to high testosterone levels. Fats are needed to administer testosterone production, which is where many dieters go wrong. They are put off by fat due to it being the highest calorie macronutrient, but actually keeping it high can help you add lean muscle tissue and burn fat stores.

2. Limit Stress

Stress in your life will correlate to stress in your body. Cortisol levels will shoot sky high, and turn your body into a catabolic state. This means storing fat and burning muscle. To prevent your body from turning into this state, try and supplement with vitamin C or add foods/drinks to your diet that are rich in vitamin C. Some include:

Juices: Orange, grapefruit, apple juice, cranberry juice.

The fruits highest in vitamin C are the ones to the left. Orange juice for example has 10 times the vitamin C compared to apple juice.

Foods: Papaya, grapefruit, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peppers (cayenne in particular), Kiwi, lemons, berries.

Play Competitive Sports

A study has concluded those that play football can experience a 15% rise in T levels (measured an hour after the game had finished). Football is a competitive game, thus the conclusion we can draw from this is – not only does testosterone make you competitive, but being competitive can also increase testosterone.

High testosterone also means high sex drive. This can sometimes result in less moral men being disloyal to their partners!

Pump Iron

Lifting weights not only gives you a buzz from the rush of endorphins, but it also great for higher T levels. To maximize this effect, be sure to stay consistent and lift regularly. Also make sure you are performing the exercises that will consequently release the most testosterone. These are all heavy movements that tend to work multiple body parts simultaneously.

6 High Testosterone Gym Exercises:

. Pull ups

. Bench Press

. Dips

. Squats

. Deadlifts

. Leg Press


Supplement with TestoFuel

Supplements can be a great way to increase test levels, in turn helping you pack on muscle faster and get ripped. TestoFuel is one of the best supplements I have tried for this, with its three main ingredients being D-aspartic acid, zinc and vitamin D which are all effective testosterone boosting ingredients.

My Before and After Pictures – following 90 days of TestoFuel Supplementation

before and after
(I was pumped in both of these pictures, both being after an arms workout)


before after testofuel
(I was pumped in the before picture above, and unpumped in the after)

My Results

I gained 1.5 inches of muscle size on each arm, whilst dropping 8% body fat in a 3 month time period. I would say my body transformed the most during midway through the second month and all the way through the third month. I’ve heard others say the same – that it can take this time for the bodies testosterone levels to really charge up.

More behind the ingredients in TestoFuel

Zinc is a strong anti-aromatase, meaning it will eliminate excess estrogen in the body. Estrogen, a female sex hormone, can cause men’s T levels to lower. So the less you have, the higher your testosterone will be.

Vitamin D levels directly affect testosterone. Low vitamin D levels will cause testosterone levels to plummet. This often happens to those in less hot countries, where a vitamin D deficiency is common (especially in the winter period).

Recommended TestoFuel Bundle

I chose the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package (below), as then I get 90 days for it to turbo charge my test levels (the perfect amount of time), but I also got a free box of TestoFuel with this deal saving me £31.

ultimate muscle gainers package

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