How to Increase Muscle Tone/Definition

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gymnast musclesIncreasing muscle tone/definition requires a low body fat %. You can perform all the “toning exercises” in the world, however you will not see any improvement in these dark creases until you lose body fat. As you may know, you cannot specifically target areas on the body that you’d like to tone, your body does the choosing instead. Therefore, your goal should be to simple lose fat as a whole.

The most common way to burn fat is to eat in a calorie deficit. This means to eat less calories than your body burns. Thus, say for example your BMR was 2000 calories. If you were to consume 1500 calories, this 500 calorie deficit would provoke gradual fat loss. This method requires calorie counting which can be tedious. In this post I will reveal how you can drop your body fat with a more exciting and innovative method, that is – boosting your natural testosterone levels.

Supplement with TestoFuel for greater muscle tone/definition

The anabolic hormone, testosterone, has powerful fat burning properties. So it makes sense to raise this hormone as high as possible (naturally). This can be done by using a powerful testosterone booster (Note that I say a powerful  test booster). I’ve tried several test boosters which have literally done nothing. However I did have some impressive results using TestoFuel’s testosterone booster (See below).

My 3 Month Transformation after supplementing with TestoFuel

I managed to go from 15% body fat to 8%. When you get under 10% body fat your muscle tone will increase dramatically. Then when you hit the 8% BF range or lower, your muscle tone will increase even more.

. More ripped arm definition

arm tone

. More ripped six pack abs

before after testofuel

Taking TestoFuel for 90 days straight literally turned my body into a fat burning furnace. I took it every single day during these 3 months without fail. It is important not to take gaps inbetween, as this can unsettle the testosterone building up in your system. If you get a 3 or 4 box bundle like I did and you allow it to build up for such a long time, then your chances of getting ripped couldn’t get much higher.

Natural Ingredients

TestoFuel contains 100% natural ingredients, different to pro hormones and steroids, that will no doubt compromise your health. This means that not only will you make great gains with TestoFuel, but you will do so in a safe way and without side effects.

Ingredient Doses – Fully Visible

One thing that I like in regards to the ingredients on the back of the pack is that TestoFuel are open with displaying their ingredients and the dosages. In contrast, other test booster supps mask the amounts of each ingredient – making it impossible to gauge whether the amount will be effective or not. This is a positive sign from a supp company when they are confident in revealing everything in this way.

Supplement companies that do this ooze credibility. And at the same time, doing so helps the user consciously know exactly what’s inside the supplement.

I went for the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package – which is a Buy 3, Get 1 Free Deal (see below).

ultimate muscle gainers package

Stay Consistent 

I know from past experience that it does take time for test boosters to really take effect on your T levels, but I kept at it and stayed patient. And in the latter months I was rewarded with improved muscle definition, helping me get that little bit more ripped every day. Literally the first thing I would do each morning would be to lift up the bed covers quickly to assess my progress and come the end of my 3 month stash – I’d be smiling at my abs!




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