How to Grow Taller: Discover the Secret Formula

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how to grow taller

There is no disadvantage to being small, but there are numerous benefits that come with being tall. Becoming more attractive to the opposite sex and gaining more respect from your peers are just some perks.

I’m sure if you’ve landed on this page, you’ve heard plenty of times that your growth is all determined by your genetics. Thus meaning if your family has a tendency to be tall, then this will increase the likelihood of you following suit.

Although it is true that genes are important, did you know that your DNA and the cells in your body are constantly changing? It’s true, your cells are changing all the time and their structure is completely transformed within the space of 1 year (see source).

However, if you aren’t blessed with genes in the height department there are certain things you can do to manipulate your final height, potentially adding another 3-4 inches to your frame.

grow taller

Proof: Those with dwarfism can be prescribed human growth hormone which is injected and results in them rapidly growing taller.

In fact, Barcelona star Lionel Messi, was diagnosed with dwarfism when he was a child. They believed his height would always hold him back from playing football professionally, until he finally grew to 5ft 7″ – with the help of HGH injections.

HGH injections come with several nasty side effects, and isn’t natural. I will reveal ways you can grow taller in a safe and natural way.


How do you change your DNA/Genes?

The cells in your body are determined by several factors and can be manipulated in any given moment to your advantage. These factors include eating habits, behaviours, exercise and supplementation.

Tallest people in the Europe?

Did you know that the tallest people in europe are of the Netherlands, with the average height of a dutch man towering at 6ft 1. This is no coincidence with their diets being one of the most rich in dairy products.

Cheese, yoghurt and milk are a staple in their daily diet. These dairy sources all are high in calcium. Calcium is the most important nutrient you can feed your body for maximum bone growth and development. If calcium intake is limited during childhood, a person’s height development can be reduced. An example of a country with limited dairy and calcium intake is China, with an average Chinese man standing at just 5 ft 5″.

For optimal bone growth I recommend supplementing with a calcium supplement with a dose of 1000mg daily.


Growth Plates Closed?

When you are young, your growth plates will be open, allowing you to grow taller in spurts. When these growth plates fuse, your final height is then more or less fixed and the chances of growing taller are significantly reduced. This fusion process roughly takes place around the age of 20, after you have finished puberty.

Can I grow taller if my growth plates are fused?

If you are above the age of 20 and have gone through puberty, there is still hope and potential to grow a few more inches despite your growth plates no longer being open.

It is possible to add 2-3 inches to your height by stretching your spine. The spine shortens and becomes compressed due to poor posture and gravitational pull. If you were to measure yourself before you go to sleep and when you first wake up in the morning, you’d notice you’re around 1/2″ taller when you start your day.

Gravitational pull is the reason for you staying grounded, however as a result this compresses the spine and acts as resistance for potential growth. When you sleep, you are lying down and so your spine relieves this compression and thus you become tallest in the morning.

Here are some proven grow taller exercises you can practise on a daily basis, for just 20 minutes each day. These exercises will add considerable height (no matter what your age), just by reducing the compression and pull on the spine. Stick with these exercises for a minimum of 2 months and record your progress every 2 weeks (no sooner, as it is important not to obsess over your goal).

1. Hanging

Get a pull up bar, and hang from it. This is a great way to stretch the spine out fully. Hang for as long as possible. Rest. Then repeat.

2. Swimming

Perform breast-stroke with an emphasis on the stretching part of the motion. Make this stretch, with you arms pointed forwards, last for as long as possible. This will really decompress and legthen the spine, encouraging growth.

3. Pilates

Many exercises in pilates are great methods for increasing flexibility and improving posture. You could join a pilates class once or twice a week. This also soothes the mind, reducing stress in your life. Stressors will only make it harder for the body to grow, so it is important to stay relaxed in your journey for growing taller.

Increase Natural HGH Levels

On the topic of Lionel Messi receiving injections of human growth hormone, we also have natural levels of human growth hormone in our body. Dwarfism occurs when the pituatary gland doesn’t produce enough HGH. Some people produce less HGH than others, and the more you produce, the greater potential you will have to grow taller.


Sprinting is a great way to boost HGH levels. One study proved that HGH levels can rise by as much as 500% when sprinting for 30 seconds in intervals on a bike (see source). This is a huge rise! I recommend sprinting for 15-20 minutes for a minimum of 3 times a week. These sprints must be done with maximum effort to release the most HGH. This should be done with 30 secs sprinting, then 30 secs resting, and so on.

Note: Do not perform these sprints more than 3 times a week, as it this is high-intensity exercise and is taxing on the body. Adequate rest is essential if your body is to grow taller.

Glutamine and Arginine = 500% HGH Increase

Arginine is an amino acid that stimulates the pituitary gland, provoking a rise in Human growth hormone levels by 100%. A study has also concluded that the amino acid, glutamine, when taken before bed time can increase HGH levels by a whopping 400% (see source).

Growth Factor Plus Supplement

Growth factor plus is a supplement created by to help thousands of people around the world grow taller. It has received some very positive reviews, which isn’t surprising due to its inclusion of Arginine and Glutamine (among several other HGH stimulating ingredients).

If you regularly supplement with Growth Factor Plus and perform exercises like pilates stretches, sprints and hanging – you can expect to add 2-4 inches to your height after 3 months.

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Fastest Way to Increase Your Height 

. Sprint on a bike 3x a week

. Supplement with Growth Factor Plus.

. Perform hanging, breast-stroke and pilates techniques.




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