How to Get to Sleep in 5 Minutes!

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Sleep is one of the main components of our overall health. Lack of sleep or compromised quality of sleep can result in several negative effects on the body. Read on to understand why you sometimes can’t sleep and the tricks you can use to be snoozing in under 5 minutes! (OK it might take 10).

Importance of Sleep: Body = Battery

During the day our mind and bodies are constantly working. Our bodies are like batteries and can only function for so long without running out of power. Sleep is the time when our bodies (batteries) are recharged. This allows us to continue getting up each day and have enough energy to fulfil our daily needs. Without proper or long enough charging, the battery will not recharge fully (nor will our bodies) resulting in a less than optimal battery that will not only have less power, but it may not be able to accomplish things, as it doesn’t have maximum charge. The body is no different.

Infact, when you don’t get enough or a high enough quality of sleep, the stress hormone, cortisol, rises. This hormone is destructive to the body. It causes blood pressure to increase and can produce bouts of anxiety and depression. Cortisol can also decrease testosterone levels. Adequate testosterone levels are needed for a healthy immune system, confidence and libido. In short, this cortisol rise, caused by lack of sleep will create a lesser quality of life.


Why Won’t My Mind Switch Off?

People in today’s world often complain of their mind just not being able to switch off. This is a natural response for a body that has a stimulated nervous system, which then causes sharp thinking and arousal. This is the opposite of what you want when preparing to hit the sack.


Causes of Stimulation:

Video Games

Caffeine (tea, chocolate, coffee, coke, energy drinks)




The Ultimate Sleeping Formula

Remove Stimulants + Soothe CNS = Zzzzz


Soothing Your Central Nervous System (CNS)

By soothing your nervous system your muscles will naturally relax, fatigue will be reduced and your mind will be calm. If soothed properly, you should feel drowsy within minutes! Here are some tricks you can use to switch off your overactive mind.

. Guzzle Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is opposite to normal caffeinated tea in this way, and remains as one of the best tea’s for soothing the nervous system. Lemon balm and lavender tea are some other worthy mentions.

. Listen to Slow Peaceful Music

The right music genre can be great at relaxing your mind and body. However, be sure that this music is of a slow tempo and calming in nature. Loud, fast-paced music with heavy beats should be avoided.

. Hypnosis

Hypnosis means to simply concentrate on something. During hypnosis your conscious mind is allowed to switch off at times, but your subconscious mind remains very active. An example of a hypnotic state is someone simply watching the TV.

Thus a hypnosis track involves focusing on the voice of a trained man or woman and this is one of the fastest ways to doze off due to the relaxing techniques encouraged in hypnosis. Not only is this a great method for sleep, but hypnosis can be great for achieving goals in life and increasing success.


gabaGaba is a neurotransmitter in the brain that not only makes us feel happy. Gaba is also responsible for soothing us and preventing any over-activity in the nervous system. 

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ZMA, nicknamed the ‘sleep supplement’, consists of a patented formula including magnesium and zinc.

zmaAdequate magnesium levels are needed for the body to relax and calm itself after the stresses many of us face each day.

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