How to Get Ripped With High Frequency Training

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These “how to get ripped” exercises can be done at home, helping you save money with gym memberships, which can easily accumulate to £450 saved over the course of a year. Training frequency is an interesting and controversial topic.

Bodybuilders have a common belief to train in a way that goes to failure. Meaning to continue with reps of the exercise until they cannot complete another. This fatigues the muscle a lot, leading to them resting that muscle for several days after. The common training philosophy in bodybuilders is to only train one muscle once a week. However, other athletes have attained bulging muscles and ripped bodies by not going to failure, which allows them to train the same muscles every day



prison muscle

Prisoners are famous for getting jacked and building large amounts of muscle behind bars. There is speculation that the reason behind this could be steroid use, however there are many accounts that claim that this isn’t the case.

These prisoner workouts mainly consist of body weight exercises inside their cells including sit ups, push ups, clap push ups, diamond pushups, pull ups (in some cases), body weight squats and dips on the side of their beds (with their feet touching the floor). Some get access to a gym once or twice a week, but a lot of their exercises take place in their cells when bored.

We don’t know if prisoners go to “failure” as such, but we do know that the ones who do muscle building exercises (listed) do them multiple times every day.

Floyd Mayweather received attention for his transformation in prison, adding muscle to his physique. He claimed to have done a total of 1300 pushups in prison each day. We don’t know whether he did these in large sets (likely to fatigue the muscles) or relatively short sets (which will keep the muscles from fatiguing).


Male gymnasts are among the strongest and biggest natural athletes on the planet, for their body weight. Yet, they rarely ever set foot in a gym to lift “weights”. Instead, they perform incredible feats of strength (which they have built up to through frequent and high training volume of several hours every day).

Gymnasts that practice on the rings and the pommel are of the biggest and most ripped gymnasts. These are movements that require lifting and holding your own body weight, which can be replicated at home with setting up rings hanging from a height in your garden with a padded mat based on the floor for landing. Or practicing hand stands and developing them into hand stand pushups which are also common training exercises for gymnasts.

The most important and surprising element of gymnastic training is that they train the same muscles for hours every day, the complete opposite approach to bodybuilders. The reason they can do this without overtraining the muscles is due to them not going to “failure”, as bodybuilders would put it. This allows their muscles to stay relatively fresh, enabling them to keep a high level of strength for tomorrow’s session.


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chimp muscles

Gorillas and chimps daily exercise comes in the form of swinging on trees and climbing, which are again examples of upper body weight movements, where good grip strength is particularly essential, for gripping branches.

They do these movements over a long period of time every day, when going out to collect food. These movements certainly won’t cause the muscles to go to failure, and if they did their arms would be sore the next day, which won’t allow them to swing from tree to tree and bring back food for their families.


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