How to Bulk Up Fast

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To “bulk up” is the bodybuilding term to describe the phase when someone aims to gain weight and build muscle. Increases in muscle strength and size are the main advantages of a successful bulk.

Lift Heavy

Lifting heavy weights including the big compound exercises are a great way to add some muscle and bulk to your frame. Compound exercises such as push ups, standard squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, bench presses, pull ups and leg presses should always be the staple of any workout routine.

Eat Big to Get Big

In order to put on weight and build muscle, eating in a surplus of calories is a quick way to achieve this. This means to eat more calories than you burn every day. To know how many calories your body burns each day, you must count your calories and weigh yourself each day.

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Say if you record eating 3,000 calories and you aren’t gaining weight on the scales. You would then up your calorie intake until you begin to gain weight at your preferred rate. If you would like to bulk up with minimal fat gain, only a small surplus of calories is needed. Weight gainers are great for bulking up as they enable you to hit a higher amount of calories more easily.


Visualization has been used amongst the most most successful athletes of all time. Michael Jordan regularly used hypnosis and visualization techniques all the way through his career, and credits his huge success to the positive influence it had on his frame of mind.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, deemed the best bodybuilder of all time, used to envisage his muscles “as big as mountains” when working out. Here is a clip of Arnold speaking on how there is a direct correlation between the power of the mind and success.


Bring a diary to the gym and record all exercises, reps, sets and rest taken during your workouts. You should aim to better your previous session every time you workout, if you want increased muscle size. Whether this is taking shorter rest times, completing more sets, more reps or simply lifting more weight. This gives your muscles a reason to grow as they are improving in each workout.


Improving your cardiovascular fitness can indirectly help you bulk up. This can help you complete more reps on your weight lifting exercises due to increased blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, taking your muscles longer to fatigue. These additional reps can result in bigger muscles as it is one form of overloading your muscles (as mentioned in the paragraph above).

Know Your Body

Everybody is different…literally! If you perform one exercise one week that others aren’t keen on, and your muscles grow bigger as a result, then stick with the exercise. Some may be able to train a muscle frequently and with lots of volume. Someone else training in this manner may start to overtrain.

Overtraining is the worst state for the body to be in when trying to build muscle. Muscle building hormone, Testosterone, decreases and the bodies stress levels shoot up.


Protein is essential in the role of building muscle. Not only does it help the muscle tissue repair and grow bigger after a weights session, but the amino acid profile in protein also aids recovery. Recovery time is essential, as time spent in the gym is when you are creating the stimulus for muscle growth. Too much time spent recovering, and you will have less opportunities for setting record lifts in the gym. To find out how much protein to consume, check out my post titled – “How Much Protein to Build Muscle?”.

Maximize Testosterone Levels

Raising natural testosterone levels is one of the fastest ways to add lean muscle to your frame. If two guys were to do the exact same workouts and have the same diets, yet one of them was gaining muscle at a faster rate, the reason would be superior testosterone levels.

A great way to increase T is to use a testosterone booster. Be wary though, a lot of these on the market can be a waste of money. Make sure you get a testosterone booster that contains vitamin D and is rich in zinc. Vitamin D is essential for T production, which many men are deficient in due to a lack of sun exposure. And zinc works great for reducing excess estrogen in men. Estrogen is the female hormone which in turn lowers T.

TestoFuel Test Booster

The most powerful natural testosterone booster I’ve used to bulk up was TestoFuel. After 3 boxes/3 months of regular supplementation I was able to pack on 15kg of weight.

My 3 month transformation after supplementing with TestoFuel

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Testofuel includes both vitamin D and zinc (oyster extract), and thus would be a shrewd addition to any muscle building stack. I had some pretty big gains with Testofuel that helped me bulk up. I put on the most weight and mass in the 2nd and 3rd months after regular supplementation.




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