How to Build Muscle With Thick Bar Training

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If you are wondering how to build muscle, it is likely that your muscle and strength gains have plateau’d. A great method to stimulate muscle growth is to increase the size of the dumbbell handle, otherwise known as thick bar training.

Thick bar training is a widely popular weight lifting methodology used among bodybuilders, powerlifters, wrestlers and even the US special forces. Read on to discover how it works and how to implement thick bar training, so you can experience some of the biggest muscle gains of your weight lifting career.

How Does Thick Bar Training Work?

Thick bar training works on the principle that you are only as strong as your weakest point. For most weightlifters, forearm or grip strength is extremely undervalued. Developing your forearms and grip strength can indirectly help the rest of your muscles grow much bigger and stronger.

For example, if your back and hamstrings are strong enough to deadlift 500lbs, but your grip fails at 300lbs, you only deadlift 300lbs. This typical example shows of the huge potential there is by improving grip strength with thick bar training.

Muscle Engagement

There have also been several reports that using thicker bars, help give bigger pumps. This has led to the belief that using a thicker bar (with a diameter of 2-3″) helps engage working muscles more than an ordinary-sized dumbell (with a diameter of 1″).

Great! But How Do I Get a Thick Bar?

There’s three options. One is to invest in thick bar dumbbells, that are tailor made. This however is ridiculously expensive, some times costing tens of thousands of pounds for just a set of these dumbbells.

The second option is to use a towel and rap it around the bar to create a thicker effect. This can be tiresome and it isn’t 100% secure, making safety an issue.

IronBull TGrip

The third option is to invest in a TGrip by IronBull Strength. This is a rubber attachment (see below) that is easily slipped onto the dumbbell/barbell to increase the thickness by up to 3 times. A TGrip can be used on virtually every exercise. These are very comfortable to use and a wise alternative to the other two expensive options previously mentioned.

muscleIronBull TGrip in action


What to Expect

When you initially train with a thick bar you won’t be able to lift as much weight as usual, as gripping the weight becomes more difficult. However, with each session you will be able to add more and more weight. And once you resume training with an ordinary sized dumbbell, your strength will have gone through the roof.

Although thick bars are often known for their ability to produce amazing strength increases, they are equally effective at building overall muscle size. Some users report seeing increased muscle size as quickly as the following day after their first workout using the TGrip.

Soreness is common when using thicker bars, due to the overload and increased fatigue this training principle causes. This is a great sign that the stimuli for growth has begun; just be sure to get adequate rest before you train again (reducing the chances of overtraining).

Only Regret

My one regret with implementing thick bar training with my TGrip is that I didn’t find out about this muscle building method for years. I wish I purchased one sooner and experienced the muscle gains a few years earlier.


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Iron Bull True Grips

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* Tip Start off with the IronBull TGrip 2.5 until you have experienced good muscle gains and are comfortable with the new thicker bar. Then work yourself up to the TGrip 3.0 (thicker attachment), to continue experiencing muscle strength and size gains *


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