How to Build Huge Traps Like BANE!

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Whether looking at Tom Hardy’s film interpretation of Bane or the comic version, it’s safe to say that Bane has some Godly trapezius muscles! Some may point out that how big your traps grow are strongly determined by your genetics, however there is real-life evidence to suggest that your lifting habits can directly affect your trapezius hypertrophy (size).


Traps are the muscles where if you’re wearing a vest or a t shirt with a low neck, they can really pop out and give the appearance of an incredibly muscular body without having to look further down. These small but distinct muscles can really make your physique stand out. Also many bodybuilders do not train traps, so if you were to take the time to build a huge set, it is likely to create yourself a cool trademark and separate yourself from other weight lifters in a positive way. So how do you get huge traps?


Just like other muscles you have to devote plenty of time to give them enough volume and stimuli to grow. If you perform 15 sets for chest and just 4 sets for traps; you don’t have to ask Einstein why they aren’t growing.


Contrary to the numerous bodybuilding myths, I have found that the more often I train a body part, the bigger it grows. Johnny Jackson is a great example of confirming this belief and shows how you can apply this muscle building principle to your traps.

johnny jackson

Johnny Jackson, an IFBB bodybuilder, built cobra-like traps. In several interviews he explains that when he was younger he had no idea what he was doing but after every single workout he would do countless sets of shrugs to show off because of the amount of weight he could lift during the exercise.

This frequent stimulation resulted in some crazy growth for Johnny, a bodybuilder that will always be remembered for his trapezius muscles.

The story about the boy from Thailand

There is a story about a skinny boy from Thailand who did farmers walks, holding heavy plant pots in each hand and walking fairly long distances each day. The time under tension added up to over 20 hours of trap work each week. As following the frequency principle, there is no wonder he grew out of proportion cobra traps!

Here’s the full video on youtube to learn more:

Bane’s Traps Workout

Okay Bane isn’t actually real; but if Bane actually did a traps workout this would be it (if not very close to it!). The main features of this workout include super high volume and incorporates some of the best traps exercises that exist today. These exercises will work the traps from every angle and enable full muscle contraction for maximum fatigue and growth.


. 6 sets of Barbell Shrugs (wide grip) – Demo

. 6 sets of Barbell shrugs (narrow grip) – Demo

. 3 sets of Cable shrugs with a straight bar attachment – Demo

3 sets of Plate shrugs – using a heavy plate – Demo

3 sets of Straight-arm dips (works the back of the traps) – Demo




More Testosterone = Bigger Traps

As explained in my previous article – how to tell if someone is on steroids – the trapezius muscles have more androgen receptors than in other muscle groups. Thus when on steroids, a user’s traps will grow more than other muscles and at a rapid pace.

This is where natural testosterone boosters can help you build huge traps. Obviously they won’t raise your T levels to the same level as a steroid user, but they will for sure turbo-charge your natural T production.


TestoFuel is a test booster I have used with great success when trying to bring out my traps more. I ordered the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s package and supplemented with TestoFuel continuously for 12 weeks (3 boxes). This is a great amount of time to take advantage of the increased androgen receptors in the traps.

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