How Many Calories in a Banana?

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Calories in a banana

Small Banana – 76 cals
Medium Banana – 95 cals
Large Banana 114 cals

Banana Size

Usually you can tell whether a banana fits into the small, medium or large category by its weight. Around  120 grams is a large and 80 grams being classed a small banana. A banana weighing around the 100g mark a medium sized banana.

What type of calories are these?

Almost all of a banana’s calories come from sugar. There is on average 14 grams of sugar in a medium sized banana. These are naturally occurring sugars in the form of fructose.


Fructose, although a sugar, has a low glycemic index meaning it doesn’t spike insulin levels as much as table sugar does. This is a positive. However, if too much fructose is consumed, it gives the liver too much to process and so the fructose is then sent into the blood stream.

As a result this can result in heart disease or diabetes. Thus fructose consumption should always be monitored and kept to a minimum – although naturally occurring in fruit.


On average a medium banana contains approximately 400mg of potassium. Potassium regulates blood pressure by getting rid of any excess water and fluid in the body. Essentially potassium functions in the opposite way to salt.

Banana’s also contain good amounts of vitamin c, with a medium sized banana containing 10mg of the immune-boosting vitamin. Vitamin c also helps rid of free radicals in the body. Banana’s are rich in the vitamin B-6 which is responsible for maintaining a healthy working nervous system and for the growth of new cells.

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