How Long Does it Take to Get a Six Pack?

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How long will it take you to see your chiseled abdominals underneath your belly fat will all depend on your current body fat % and how well you work towards your goal.

Men need under 10% body fat to achieve visible six pack abs. Women only need to attain under 15%. If you have no idea what body fat % you are and would like to track this, I recommend using callipers or studying pictures of people who have used callipers and compare.


Take note that it all depends on how well you work towards getting six pack abs. Working hard isn’t necessarily working well. In order to work well, you need to have a plan that has been proven to work.

If you set out to get a six pack with the wrong eating habits or a below par workout program – it won’t matter if you workout twice a day for a year – your abs will remain buried underneath your belly fat.


5 Ways to Get Six Pack Abs – by Working Smart!

. Killer Abs Workout

Although your diet is by far the most important aspect in achieving six pack abs, building your abs via exercises is still important in achieving aesthetic abdominals. Core exercises will actually thicken the look of the abdominals too. Here is a video of Rob Riches’ abs workout for ideas of exercises to use in the gym to build your six pack.

. Eat in a Calorie Deficit

Consuming less calories than your body burns in a day is essential in reducing body fat. The more fat your burn, the more definition you will see in your midsection. To find out if you are eating in a deficit, track your calories and weigh yourself. If your weight isn’t going down, reduce your calories.

. Increase Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is a natural hormonal compound in the body. HGH is an effective fat burner. A powerful way to raise HGH levels is to fast (go without food – just water). Some have reported great results with intermittent fasting up to 16 hours. One study has shown that a 24 hour fast can raise HGH levels by as much as 2000% for men and 1300% for women.

If your main method of attacking fat loss is fasting, then when you do eat in your short eating window, stay clear from refined carbohydrate sources/sugary foods – as these will cause your HGH levels to plummet.


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. Eat Your Fats

Many when they diet to get a six pack drop their fat intake too low. Fats can actually help you burn fat at a faster pace as they are responsible for administrating the male fat burning hormone – testosterone. Power butter is a great way to get additional healthy fats into your diet.

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. Protein Reduces Overeating

Eating a high protein diet may indirectly help you eat in a calorie deficit as protein keeps you fuller for longer. Thus you are more likely to resist the urge to continue eating after a protein-rich meal. Sometimes a lot of preparation is needed to make a high protein meal such as cooking chicken or beef.

A more convenient method is to use a whey protein powder which you can quickly scoop into your shake any time and anywhere. This is very handy when on the go. Not to mention, whey protein is one of the best proteins available to the body and a tasty drink.

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Give these tips a try and let us know in the comments box (below) on which tips have worked for you and how your six pack is coming along!

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