“How Can I Lose Weight?” The Sun May be the Answer…

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A hot summer holiday abroad is always a nice reward for working hard during the year. However, there is evidence to suggest that the sun can actually prove effective as a natural fat burner.

Vitamin D

90% of vitamin D is obtained directly from the sun, with the other 10% coming from our diet. Meaning, in the winter many are deficient in vitamin D due to the lack of direct sun exposure. How does this concern weight loss? Well, as vitamin D levels increase, testosterone also increases.

Testosterone is a natural and powerful fat burning hormone. Thus, the more testosterone the better when concerning fat loss. Testosterone also has several other benefits including increased libido, wellbeing, anti-aging qualities and more overall confidence. Raising vitamin D levels is one method to spike testosterone levels, however taking a testosterone booster supplement is equally effective.

How does vitamin D increase testosterone?

Researchers believe that vitamin D is an effective testosterone booster, due to its anti-estrogen qualities. However, there is no clinical evidence to support this theory. An anti-estrogen can increase testosterone as higher estrogen levels are responsible for lowering free testosterone.

Examples of natural anti-estrogens in food include oysters, tuna and dark chocolate. These foods are all rich in zinc, a powerful anti-estrogen mineral.

Studies and Reports

BetterYou, a health corporation, conducted a study in the UK that revealed as much as 90% of people may be deficient in vitamin D. This not only yields potential for a slimmer nation, but a healthier one, as vitamin D is also responsible for boosting the immune system and fighting off disease.

A report from a Boston hospital, in the US, concluded that simply exposing your skin to sunlight for 20 minutes a day will cause testosterone levels to shoot up by 120 %. Further research found a link in male’s that exposed their testicles to sunlight, and their testosterone levels increasing by a gigantic 200%. Just make sure your neighbours aren’t one’s to peek out their windows before dropping your pants…

Winter Depression

Several people also report feeling depressed specifically in the winter. Vitamin D deficiency is thought to be the root cause for lower testosterone levels and feelings of depression at this time, due to a lack of sunlight. Testosterone (responsible for boosting your mood) during this time of the year is typically low, with depression often following.


Although taking a hot holiday will increase testosterone levels and increase fat burning, this is only a short term measure, unless you live in a hot country and get plenty of sunshine all-year round. Otherwise, vitamin D levels will soon plummet and a deficiency is inevitable (especially in the winter).

To prevent this from occurring, keep your hormone structure tailored for fat loss, by supplementing with vitamin D. A 400IU dose is recommended to prevent testosterone levels from falling dramatically in the winter.

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