Get a Bikini Body Like Kim Kardashian

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When the summer comes or a holiday soon approaches, every woman becomes more conscious of her body. “How will I look in my bikini?” is something she will repeatedly ask herself, when envisioning herself on the sunny beach.

My mission in this article is to give you tips that can transform your figure and help you attract the right sorts of attention on the beach. The bikini body tips in this article will be tailored around the “Kim Kardashian look”. This consists of a toned body with big curves that will make any man drool.


Want to Lose Muscle as well as Fat?

Also when trying to lose weight, one must decide whether they want to lose fat or/and muscle. If you are very curvy and you decide you would like to a lose some muscle as well as fat, then I recommend you lose weight at a rate of 2-4 lbs a week. If you want to maintain muscle and your curves, but just lose fat, I recommend losing up to 2lbs a week. losing up to 2lbs a week is gradual weight loss, but is at a rate where you will retain muscle (your curves), yet still shed fat.

Exercises that Build Curves

With all of these exercises, women do not have to worry about building too much muscle as they have much less testosterone than men. Testosterone is the male hormone, that is responsible for building lean muscle tissue. However, women will build small amounts of muscle with these exercises, making your appearance attractive, firm and toned.


Boob Exercises

Push ups won’t make your boobs bigger but they will lift your boobs, instead of them sagging down south.

Aim for as many push ups as possible. For more emphasis on the chest area, lift your head up when performing the push ups. If standard push ups are too difficult at first, start with women push ups (i.e. your legs touching the floor).

Demo: Link



Achieving a curvy midsection is all down to acquiring good oblique muscles. When obliques are well developed, it results in wider looking hips. If you would like to define your “V-lines” see my post: “how to get an adonis belt“.

Medicine ball Twists

Demo: Link



Squats also engages the your core, making it simultaneously a good abs workout. The main benefits to squatting is to sculpt big, curvy, Kim-like glutes. You can start off with bodyweight squats, and later move on to the squat rack, where you can add more weight (when ready).

Demo: Link



Bicep curls and close grip bench press

2/3s of your arms are made up of your triceps. A close grip bench press is a very effective triceps exercise. Have your hands spaced approximately 6 inches apart, and focus on squeezing your triceps at the top of the movement.

Bicep curls are just one of several variations of the bicep curl that can be incorporated. Other bicep exercises, other than standard bicep curl include barbell curls, preacher curls and hammer curls. These exercises will hit different parts of the bicep muscle. Remember these exercises will not give you big arms, but will instead increase sexy muscle definition.


In order to achieve muscle tone you must achieve a low body fat %. Something you need to keep in mind when losing weight is to try and keep your metabolism high while dieting, preventing any weight gain after finishing your diet. This is why starvation diets do not work in the long term.

When you starve yourself, the body reacts by slowing the metabolism. Thus when the dieter resumes eating again, they will be more prone to weight gain and putting on the weight they lost.

Ways to increase your metabolism:

. Eat small meals frequently (aim for 6 meals a day)

. Exercise

. Water. Drinking a minimum of 2 litres a day is recommended.

. Supplement with cayenne pepper (see below)


Supplement with Capsiplex 

is one of the most powerful fat burning supplements on the market and will really help you turbo charge your metabolism. The reason for this is because it contains a high strength dose of cayenne pepper.

Quite a few high-profile celebs are taking Capsiplex including Britney Spears, Roxanne Pallet and Chantelle Houghton.

I recommend you stock up with atleast a few months worth of Capsiplex, and maintain consistent supplementation each day. After a few months of taking Capsiplex it would’ve really built up into your system and you’re metabolism will be sky high, helping you melt fat with ease. 1 box may not give you great results as supplements can take a while (usually 2-3 months) to really have a dramatic effect.

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