GainZzz™ Supplement Review by Force Factor

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First of all – what a great name for a supplement! As you may have guessed by the title, GainZzz™ is a sleeping formula, allowing you to build muscle whilst you sleep.

Supplements like these are my favourite because you are creating a more anabolic (muscle building) environment within your body when you are snoozing; which has to be the laziest/smartest way of getting jacked! Remember it’s not just how hard you are training during your workout, but how smart your nutrition and supplementation is before you hit the sack. This is a critical time for your muscles because:

1. You grow during rest, and sleep is a massive factor on how well rested your body is. Not just the quantity of how many hours you sleep, but the actual sleep quality is also critical for this.

2. Your muscles will be going anywhere from 6-10 hours without food/water/nutrients supply. Without this constant supply it is easy for them to become catabolic (a muscle wasting state).

Note: I have previously reviewed Force Factor’s VolcaNO – a nitric oxide boosting supplement and I was impressed with with the companies choice of ingredients. You can also get a free sample of VolcaNOClick Here to read my Force Factor VolcaNO Review and get your free sample!


So, What’s the ingredients in GainZzz and How Does it Work?

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The Formula is made up of 3 parts: a body recuperation complex, a mind relaxation matrix and a sleep rejuvenation blend.

Tart Cherry Skin Extract (Body Recuperation Complex)

Including tart cherry skin extract is a shrewd addition as it’s basically like getting the same amount of antioxidants as 80 cherries – but without the sugar and calories. Pretty cool! Powerful antioxidant ingredients like this help the body recover more quickly inbetween workouts and allow you to up your trainingn frequency in the gym.

Gaba (Mind Relaxation Matrix)

This is one area that I think most weight lifters neglect – soothing the central nervous system. A lot of weight lifters’ nervous systems are revved up due to several reasons:

1. Lifting weights releases a lot of adrenaline

2. Pre workouts and fat burners often contain stimulants (caffeine) in high dose quantities.

As a result of this stimulation and high adrenaline output, your muscles can become catabolic and your gains will come to a halt. This is because adrenaline is a stress trigger, and the more adrenaline/stress you have in your body for a sustained period of time, the less your muscles will grow.

Gaba calms the nervous system, reducing adrenaline levels in the body and thus improves relaxation and sleep quality. Another great thing about Gaba is that it has shown to have an ability to cause a significant increase in a person’s natural human growth hormone levels. As you may already know – HGH – is a hormone that burns fat and builds muscle at the same time. Yes, you want lots of this!


Melatonin (Sleep Rejuvenation Blend)

Melatonin is the sleep hormone, which naturally spikes at night time, causing us to feel soothed/tired, allowing us to go to sleep. Without this hormone our nervous systems’ will be too aroused for us to go to sleep. This is the reason why people suffer from insomnia, they are simply too stimulated. Thus melatonin acts in a similar way to Gaba.

Melatonin, like Gaba, causes HGH levels to go up when taken in supplement form. Som when taken before bed this will increase fat burning and enhance muscle building.

Rating: 4/5


Another really solid supplement from the guys at Force Factor. Some proven ingredients that will not only help you get closer to your dream body, but will also increase your wellbeing by calming your mind and making you feel great in the process!

This supplement will help you:

. Gain Strength

. Build Muscle

. Burn Fat

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