Lose Water to Get Dry and Shredded in 6 Days

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Water Retention and Looking “Dry”

The more water that collects inbetween your skin and your muscles, the less defined and chiseled your physique will be. This effect can be observed after eating a salty meal, where this overload in sodium causes the body to retain excess fluid, causing a bloated and puffy appearance. This art of manipulating water levels can make a huge difference on stage and is usually the deciding factor in which bodybuilder finishes 6th or 1st.

You can apply the tricks in this post not just when entering competitions to get that edge over your fellow competitors; but also to social events i.e. wanting to look that extra bit shredded at the beach. read more

Sculpting the Adonis Belt aka “V Lines”

The adonis belt is often referred to as the “sex v”, due to the flirtatious lines that trail to the below area. These Michelangelo-like creases are without doubt one of the highlights of the abdominal region.

The adonis belt is part of the inguinal ligament structure. Essentially, the lines that create the “v shape” are part of this ligament. Although the adonis belt being seen is due to this ligament, the ligament itself isn’t the cause for the lines being visible. After all, everybody has this ligament, but not everybody has a strong defined Adonis belt. read more

Abs Workout for Killer Intercostal Muscles

Intercostal muscles are one of the best features of a six pack. The intercostal muscles are located between the ribs, and their function is to help the chest cavity shrink and expand, enabling you to breathe effectively.

There are two factors that result in chiseled intercostal muscles. One is to have low body fat. To be specific, intercostal muscles will become most visible with sub 8% body fat, for a male. For women, sub 13% body fat, is ideal. Losing the fat around this area is most of the work, as these extra layers will hide all definition. The second factor is to actually build the intercostal muscles, via abs exercises. This will enable them to become thicker and more visible when low body has been attained. read more

Abdominal Exercises the Pros Use…

It can be tough finding out which abdominal exercises are the most effective for building a six pack and increasing core strength, as different sources recommend different exercises. The following article will only contain abdominal exercises used by professional fitness models (male and female).

Hanging knee raises

Performed by Rob Riches

robRob Riches is one of the biggest fitness models in the industry, with his main attraction being his six pack abs. He uses a lot of hanging knee raises to develop the lower portion of the abdominals – widely thought as the most difficult section to develop. Source read more

5 Tricks | How to Get a Six Pack

Wondering how to get a six pack? You already have one! That’s right, everybody has six pack abs. However, some people’s abs are visible and others not. In order to achieve a ripped six pack look, you will need to achieve two things.

Achieve less than 10% body fat (for men) or 15% (for women). The reason why women can achieve visible abs at a higher body fat percentage is because they naturally store less body fat in the stomach region, and are more prone to storing fat in the thighs.

Strengthen your Abdominal muscles. By devising a great abs workout you will thicken your abs making them looking strong and more aesthetically pleasing. read more