USP Labs Test Powder Review, Any Side Effects?

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USP Labs’ Test Powder is one of the most popular testosterone booster supplements on the market, due to the marketing of USP Labs. However, are the ingredients proven enough to warrant such hype?


Ingredients and Doses

Thumbs up to USP Labs for letting us see the ingredients and some of the exact doses. Other testosterone booster supplements can hide the amounts of each ingredient, in which case we don’t know if the dosage is high enough to be effective.

Dreaded Proprietary Blend

On the flip side they do include a “proprietary blend” of Trimethylglycine, L-carnitine Tartrate, Aframomum Melegueta Extract and Garcinia Mangostana. For example I know that 230mg of Aframomum Melegueta Extract is effective for boosting T by 300%, based on a conclusive study done on rats. But we do not know the dose of Aframomum Melegueta Extract in USP Labs’ Test Powder, so it could well be less than optimal. read more

Chubby to Ripped: TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Review

Testofuel before and after results

My results after supplementing with TestoFuel continuously for 3 months.

In the before picture I had taken some time away from the gym and had got considerably out of shape. My main goal was that I wanted to get a ripped six pack, so I came up with a few different angles I could attack this goal to achieve a chiseled core.

I knew my testosterone levels weren’t as high as they could be, because I wasn’t lean. When you have fat on your body, your natural testosterone converts into the female hormone – estrogen. So, my goal to get shredded in 12 weeks was to spike my natural T production via TestoFuel, and combine it with intermittent fasting (eating all my food in a 6 hour window each day and fasting for the rest), plus 100 sit ups a day. read more

MuscleFood Protein Muffins Review



I tried the toffee fudge muffins and the taste surpised me. I expected them to be nice, but these muffins really taste amazing. They are the best muffins I’ve ever tried, including supermarket one’s. My girlfriend tried some and even said she’d buy them just because of the taste, and was not interested in them from a bodybuilding/protein perspective.

Another thing she pointed out was that MuscleFood are generous with the toffee fudge pieces. In contrast, some companies can be a bit stingy with the toppings, maybe to cut costs. read more

Testofuel Review: Skinny Before, Jacked After

My 3 Month Transformation (After 3 Boxes of Testofuel)

testofuel before and after

Why I Needed a Testosterone Booster

I have been going to the gym with Erny (the founder of Worlds Fittest) for a while, and we pretty much did everything the same. We did the same workout routines, we ate the same diets (whether Paleo of IIFYM), yet he was becoming more muscular than I was. Then we went and got a report of our Testosterone levels and wanted to compare. We got three different testosterone scores being: Free testosterone, SHBG-bound testosterone and albumin-bound testosterone. read more

MuscleFire PRE Supplement Review

PRE = Pump. Ready. Energy

MuscleFire PRE is a pre workout supplement in a highly competitive market. After all there are hundreds of other pre workouts available from other brands. Will this be the best pre workout of them all?

So whats different about MuscleFire PRE?

The first thing that stands out about this pre workout is that it is Creatine-free. I am actually a big fan of creatine, as you may know from my Beast Creature review. But at the same time I do have to prepare before I start a creatine cycle. This is because I know with creatine’s gains, comes bloating and a constant feeling of dehydration for the first couple of days with many creatine supplements. read more

Amino Energy Pre Workout Supplement Review

amino energy


What’s Different about Amino Energy?

There’s a lot of pre workouts out there but this stuff is a personal favourite of mine, because it doesn’t rely on stimulants to give you that great pre workout boost. With excessive stimulants your heart rate can be elevated to very high levels which I’m not a fan of. Also your nervous system can become very aroused which can result in jitters or insomnia.

100mg Caffeine

Amino Energy only contains 100mg of caffeine altogether, which is not excessive. This translates to approx 1 cup of coffee. The caffeine in Amino Energy comes from green tea and green coffee. These two ingredients are great sources of caffeine as they will act as buffered caffeine – in the sense that they will gradually enter your system read more

Craze Pre Workout Supplement Review

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Craze is Crazy

Craze is a pre workout powder that lives up to its name, because it’s – crazy. A lot of experienced weight lifters turn to Craze – if pre workouts like Jack3d or NoXplode aren’t powerful enough to stimulate their nervous system enough. So, if you are a beginner I recommend going easy on Craze to start off with then upping your dosage when you are comfortable with the stimulating effects it brings.

Get Ready to be Stimulated

Craze is absolutely packed with stimulants. This gives you a lot more energy and motivation during your workouts, helping you bust out more reps, sets and time in the gym – indirectly helping you grow bigger. read more

Serious Mass Weight Gainer Supplement Review

So, you want to gain some weight? Are you finding it hard to get in all your calories needed to add size to your frame? Serious mass is what its name suggests – it is a serious weight gainer. In my eyes this is probably the best weight gainer for an ectomorph i.e. someone who finds it difficult to put on weight.

Why does Serious Mass warrant the Worlds Fittest Number 1 Weight Gainer spot? Let’s take a closer look at what’s in it.

ON serious mass

. 1250 calories (per serving).

. 250+ Carbohydrates read more

Beast CREATure Powder Supplement Review



Beast CREATure powder is one of the hottest creatine products on the market right now. It is regarded as one of, if not the best, creatine supplement available.

My Experience

I don’t like bigging up supplements too much, but when I started taking this for about 2 weeks – my strength suddenly went off the charts. I kept speculating why this was the case and it hit me that it was infact the CREATure powder. Let’s unravel the science behind why this was the case.

It actually has 4 different types of creatine in it – which I have never seen before: read more

Anotest Testosterone Booster Review

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Powder Test Booster

Anotest is a powder based supplement that you mix with your drink, contrary to several other testosterone boosters, that use pills. Phil Heath, the Mr Olympia champion, is known for using Anotest in his supplement stack. So lets see whether this testosterone booster is worth investing in to better your physique.

Ingredient Breakdown

Vitamin B6 – 200%*

Folic Acid – 100%*

Vitamin B12 – 33%*

Zinc – 100%*

*Recommended Daily intake (USA).

First off, I like the fact Anotest does not use a proprietary blend, as doing so often hides the dosages of the all important ingredients. So, looking at these dosages above, these are all good amounts – except for vitamin B12 which is rather low at 33%. read more