Leg Workouts For Men

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Legs are of the biggest and strongest muscle groups in the body. By training your legs, not only will they become big and powerful, but they can indirectly help other muscles in the body grow bigger too. Read on to discover one of the greatest leg workouts for men.

Leg training releases more testosterone and growth hormone in the body, compared to other exercises performed in the gym. With these two muscle building hormones elevated, this will create a greater muscle building environment in the body. In theory, this means that you could indirectly develop bigger arms, just by training your legs. read more

Home Workout | 8 Exercises to do at Home

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These exercises to do at home are some of the best movements for cutting body fat and building muscle. These include little to no equipment keeping your costs down, whilst transforming your body in the comfort of your own home.

1. Push ups

There aren’t many better exercises around for building your chest and triceps. Different variations to increase difficulty include clap push ups, diamond push ups and handstand push ups. You can also add stands on the floor to do push ups with, to increase the contraction of the working pecs and triceps. Prisoner workouts, in their cell, mostly consist of push ups to create ripped bodies. read more

Back (Lats) Exercises

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The back exercises in this article will strengthen and tone your back, helping you achieve a better body. But most importantly these back exercises will keep you pain free, where back pain is a constant worry for many in the world today.

1. Deadlifts.

Form is essential on this. If the back isn’t arched and the legs do not bend then injury can occur. See the video above for a perfect demonstration. Deadlifts are one of the exercises in the gym where you can lift a lot of weight i.e. someone may deadlift 50kg, but only bicep curl 8kg. Because of this, one should start on a lighter weight and progress the weight each session. However when deadlifts are performed with good form and done with a high intensity, they can be one of the greatest strength builders in the gym. The deadlift also works your glutes and hamstrings. read more

The Ultimate Upper Body Workout

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The following workout will increase strength and muscle gains. It is essentially a back and chest workout. Although they are predominantly chest and back exercises, it also engages the triceps, biceps, deltoids (shoulders) and traps, therefore it hits pretty much every muscle of the upper body.

The Pump

The idea behind combining back and chest exercises into one session, will give the upper body a maximum pump. The pump is when the muscles fill with blood, making them expand in size. Some training routines involve training the chest one day and the back another day. This can be effective, but getting a maximum pump in the whole of the upper body will encourage more growth. read more

Best “Toning Exercises” Revealed

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Everybody wants to have toned muscles. Being toned is a symbol that someone is lean, fit and attractive. So, which exercises do you have to do in order to achieve the most amazingly toned body? The answer is none. No exercise will directly tone any body part. Muscle tone is the result of having low levels of body fat and a certain amount of muscle size. Losing body fat is 100% got to do with nutrition and how much you eat in accordance to your metabolism.

A Weight Loss plan combined with some muscle building exercises, are the perfect recipe for increasing muscle tone fast! Below are some of the best “toning” exercises. read more

Best Dumbbell Exercises Used by the Pros


The following exercises are used daily by some of the top fitness models in the world. These exercises are a big factor in what has transformed average-joe bodies into some of the best physiques on the planet.

These exercises can be used to build muscle or to tone your muscles (a diet that is tailored for weight loss will result in toned muscles, and a diet tailored to building muscles will result in increased muscularity). At the end of this article I will reveal where you can find different diet plans to help you reach your goal, but in the meantime enjoy these exercises! read more

3 Celeb Bum Exercises Revealed

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An enhanced bum is a highly desirable feature on a woman in today’s world. This is mainly due to a number of today’s high-profile celebs, (the most obvious being Jennifer Lopez), possessing a big, curvy yet tight bum.

This has resulted in a whirlwind of attention from admirers in the public and the media – both male and female. J Lo (below) without her bum would be merely a great looking actress/singer – not so unique in the world of Hollywood. Her attractive bum, in business terms, is her unique selling point. Below are some of the top secret exercises used by celebs to create their highly-coveted buttocks! read more