How Much Protein to Build Muscle?

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People often ask me “How much protein to build muscle?”. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who many consider to be the “king of bodybuilding”, even labels protein as the most important element of building muscle. Below are several expert opinions on how much protein is needed to build muscle, plus real life examples which suggest protein might not be needed to build muscle after all.

Charles Poliquin

ANSWER: 1 gram per lb of body weight

Charles Poliquin is regarded as one of the best strength coaches around. He has trained various Olympic medalists, ranging from 17 unique sports. In an interview with T Nation, Poliquin recommends eating 1g of protein per lb of body weight. Thus, if you are 160lbs, then you would need 160 grams of protein for optimal muscle growth. read more

How to Get Ripped With High Frequency Training

These “how to get ripped” exercises can be done at home, helping you save money with gym memberships, which can easily accumulate to £450 saved over the course of a year. Training frequency is an interesting and controversial topic.

Bodybuilders have a common belief to train in a way that goes to failure. Meaning to continue with reps of the exercise until they cannot complete another. This fatigues the muscle a lot, leading to them resting that muscle for several days after. The common training philosophy in bodybuilders is to only train one muscle once a week. However, other athletes have attained bulging muscles and ripped bodies by not going to failure, which allows them to train the same muscles every day read more

Mike Mentzer’s 3 Second Rule for Building Muscle

About Mike Mentzer

Mike Mentzer was a bodybuilding great of the 70’s, becoming the first and only man to score a perfect 300 points in the Mr Universe competition. He also produced a perfect performance in the Mr Olympia heavyweight class in 1979.

He created one of the most admired physiques of all time, yet had some unique and controversial training philosophies. He would only spend half an hour in the gym and at times only work out 3 times a week. He believed this was more effective than spending 3 hours in the gym, 6 days a week as some of his counter-parts did. With spending much less time in the gym, yet producing as good muscle gains, many believe that Mentzer was one of the smartest bodybuilders ever. read more

Weight Lifting vs Gymnastics | Best Way to Build Muscle?

Weight lifting is perhaps the most common form of exercise for one trying to build muscle. But is it the most effective? Calisthenics (body weight movements) is a another powerful way to build muscle. In this article we will discuss which one is the best muscle building methodology!

1. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is the term used to describe body weight exercises. The basic body weight exercises include body weight squats, pullups, pushups. Then there are upper body variations such as diamond pushups, chin ups (under arm grip), clap pushups, handstand pushups, prison pullups and more. read more

Secrets for How to Get Big Arms

“How to get big arms?” is one of the most common questions a gym-goer will ask himself when trying to build muscle. Let’s face it, arms are the one muscle that gets all the attention and are easily visible in a t-shirt. However, building big bulging arms is not an easy task and many gym rats spend countless hours in the gym only to see minimal results. By reading this article, you will learn that the biggest factor in gaining big arms is not just to work hard – but to work smart. read more

Food or Shakes for Weight Gain?

protein powder

When people can’t put on weight by just eating, some turn to supplements in the form of protein shakes or weight gainer powders. In this article I will discuss which method is better when trying to gain weight and if there is actually any merit in buying ‘weight gaining supplements’.

Ultimately, supplements such as protein and weight gaining powders were initially designed to ‘supplement’ your diet, not to totally replace food sources. But with the current hype of buying supplements in the fitness industry, some people’s daily calories are made up from mostly from supplements. So, lets take a look at a local stores weight gainer, what it contains, the price you pay and whether it is more beneficial than food/drinks.

Weight Gainer (Holland & Barrett Brand)

Cost: £1.88 per serving

Nutritional Value (per serving):
read more

How to Get Big Muscles | Build and Gain Natural Muscle Fast

Wondering how to get big muscles fast? There’s two options. One is to take chemicals such as steroids to build muscle (and risk damaging your health). The other is to gain muscle mass naturally.

The natural route is the most challenging way, but also the most satisfying. After all, steroids are unnatural and can be considered cheating. Just think, if you can build a big ripped physique naturally – that is a proud accomplishment. This sort of dedication and winning attitude can be applied to other areas of your life – such as work, girlfriends, and other interests. read more

Top 5 High Protein Foods on the Planet


So, how do you decide which high protein foods are the best? Simple. You see how much protein the body can absorb from that food. This is called ‘Biological Value’ or BV for short. Every protein food has a BV, each score is out of 100 and the higher the score the better. So, lets see which ones rank the highest.

1. Whole Eggs

BV: 100

Eggs contain approximately 7 grams of protein per medium egg. Eggs can also increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels and lower LDL (bad) levels, resulting in decreased blood pressure – contrary to the belief that they raise bad cholesterol. Eggs are also packed with vitamins and minerals which add to their health benefits. read more

5 Weight Gain Secrets | How to Put on Weight Fast


Being skinny can be frustrating and often leads to low self esteem. It may seem that no matter how much you eat, or what you eat, you just can’t increase the number on the scales. I used to be pretty skinny, but if anybody knows how to put on weight now, it’s me. During my bulking cycles I put on over40lbs in under 2 months! In this article I will reveal 5 secrets you can implement daily, that will help you learn how to put on weight.

If your goal is to put on weight, then one of your main objectives should be to build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, and is a lot more aesthetically pleasing! read more