Hardgainer/Ectomorph? 5 Tricks for How to Build Muscle Fast

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What is a hardgainer and why do they struggle to build muscle?

Ectomorph/Hardgainer somatotypes typically have long bones/limbs, narrow shoulders and little muscularity. Being a hardgainer or an ectomorph can be frustrating. They can be dedicated, spend hours upon hours pumping iron, but they have little to show for their efforts. They are the first in the gym and the last out, yet the casual gym-slackers are making bigger gains. 


Fast Metabolism

Although hardgainers usually find it hard to pack on mass, on the flip side they are very lean. It seems that no matter how much they eat they just cannot bulk up. The reason for this is because they tend to have lifestyle traits of being very active and snacking frequently. These two habits result in a high metabolism. Having a fast metabolism allows a person to burn a high number of calories at rest each day, making it more difficult to overeat than the average person. read more

Do Testosterone Booster’s Work? Side Effects?

Testosterone boosters are some of the most exciting and popular supplements, with testosterone having a massive impact on building muscle mass. Do Test Booster’s work? Bodybuilder’s on steroids are living proof that the more testosterone you have in your system, the more muscle you will gain (with steroids primarily being testosterone-based).

Why More Test = More Muscle

Someone with higher testosterone levels will have a superior ability to synthesize protein, allowing muscle cells to make more use of protein for growth and repair. read more

Clean Bulk vs Dirty Bulk: Who Wins?

What is the best way to bulk up? Eating the most delicious/devilish foods in all of existence…or eating as boring clean as possible.

This is one of the most controversial topics in bodybuilding. During a bulk phase, a bodybuilder will look to gain maximum muscle mass whilst limiting the amount of fat gained. So is it best to bulk by eating “clean” and healthy foods, or can you build equal amounts of muscle by incorporating “dirty” foods, such as pizza and Oreos? read more

How to Increase Vascularity/Get Visible Veins

Having big muscles is great, but if you have road-map vascularity to go with it, your physique will always have that “edge”. If you had 2 guys with identical bodies; both completely jacked and ripped to shreds. But the only difference was that one was vascular and the other wasn’t. It’s only natural for your eyes to wonder more to the veiny guy. It almost highlights your muscles, just like a tan or oil would during a bodybuilding show.

Genetics & Vascularity

You hear a lot that vascularity is determined by your genetics, and that you cannot do a damn thing about it. The first part is true about genetics playing a role, but then everything to a degree is down to your genes. It is perfectly possible for a person to rarely see veins, to then have worm-like veins bulging a regular basis, if they are diligent with their diet/supplementation. By genetics playing a role, this refers to how naturally thick/thin your skin is. read more

Can You Turn Fat into Muscle? Myth Explained

Many of us know of a person (sometimes famous) who has completed a transformation of originally being fat, and looking jacked afterwards. Lee Priest (below) was a professional bodybuilder that was famous for this typical, “fat-to-muscle”, transformation.

It seems these type of transformations produce such muscly physiques afterwards, that it would be too difficult for a skinny guy to undergo such a transformation. This leads us to ask ourselves, Can fat really turn into muscle?

The short answer is – No, Although it certainly does appear this way. Fat stores just cannot transform into muscle tissue. So why does it create this illusion? The reason people become fat is because they are overeating. Many forget that eating surplus calories also plays a major role on building lean muscle tissue. read more

How to Increase Your Natural Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the male anabolic hormone in the body that separates men socially and physically. Alpha males typically have high Testosterone levels.

These men behave with increased confidence, sex drive, determination and competitiveness. In terms of your body image, high testosterone also plays a key role in building muscle and burning fat.


Anabolic steroids is simply injecting high levels of testosterone into the body, so the impact testosterone levels have on your physical appearance can be significant. Although your natural testosterone levels won’t ever reach the level of artificial testosterone, you can still experience some noticeable gains. read more

What Does Creatine Do Exactly?

Creatine simply shifts water inside the muscle cells. The result of this is increased muscle size, strength and body weight. Although this is temporary water retention, the benefits listed can help a weight lifter overcome plateaus, ensuring progression with each workout.

The idea is that when you consume creatine you will experience bigger lifts which can contribute to muscle mass gained, thus when you cycle off creatine you will have more muscle and strength than prior supplementation. When you first start taking creatine, many users report a gain of 0.5 – 1 inch on each arm. This shows how significant the water retention is inside the muscle cell. read more

Supreme Protein Bar Review


Protein bars can be a great addition to a high protein diet, as they come in handy in between meals, they don’t take any preparation to make and often contain high quality sources of protein. Not to forget they also taste great!

First of all I would like to say a special thanks to Supplement Centre for sending these freebies to me. I will mainly write about the bars in this post, but one thing I will say is that the bars came very quickly which is always impressive from a supplement company. read more

Tribulus Terrestris Review | Does it Work, Any Side Effects?

My experience with Tribulus Terrestris has been an interesting one. But firstly lets discuss why weight lifters use tribulus in the first place and the theory behind its strong claims. Tribulus Terrestris is thought to increase overall testosterone and free testosterone levels in the body. With testosterone being the most anabolic (muscle building) hormone in the body, it would make sense to increase this as much as possible and take a testosterone booster.


Several studies have been conducted on tribulus, with some proving a significant increase on testosterone levels, and others concluding that it is nothing but a placebo effect. read more

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle?

The question all of us wonder, and there is a simple answer – Not very long. With every dream comes a lot of hard work and time, but with a good exercise and supplement plan, natural gains can come fast.


Not only must you have the knowledge of how to build muscle, but you must also have discipline to stick to your schedule and remain consistent. These are all determined by your motivation. If a lack of motivation is hindering your muscular development, be sure to get a poster of someone’s muscles you idolize and stick it on your bedroom wall. read more