Big Arms Workout for Mountainous Biceps

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Gain 1/2″ on Your Arms In Just 1 Workout!

I’m sure you’ve wondered how to get big arms in a hurry, right? Good news. The following workout has seen several people add a whopping 1/2″ to each of their arms. Some people gain less than this and some gain more. Just check out the forums at, where people have used it to great success and have nicknamed it the one day arm cure.

Note: This workout should only be performed once or twice a year (as explained later on) hence why this is no magic breakthrough to get super huge arms quickly.

The following workout was first introduced in the old bodybuilding mags of the 60’s and requires so much volume that short-term overtraining is a complete certainty. You’re probably wondering, how can you build muscle whilst entering a severely overtrained state? The answer lies in the principle of overreaching.

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How Does it Work?

The body adapts to pretty much anything. Overreaching uses this to its advantage. Overreaching is simply working your body so intensely, so that your body goes under much more stress than usual. As a result of this much bigger workload and stress, your muscles will grow more than ever before.

Overreaching is one of the most effective ways to get jacked arms. Look at gymnastics in the Olympics, they train their arms on body weight movements for hours every day, and guess what, their bodies adapt. For more info on how gymnasts get so big naturally, take a read of my earlier post: Weight Lifting vs Gymnastics: Best Way to Build Muscle?


However, for your body to adapt and grow bigger, you will first need to rest following your workout and longer than usual so your muscle tissue can fully repair. For this to happen you will need to sacrifice, your short term health and athleticism to achieve this future goal.

Following your workout you will feel stressed, tired, lethargic, low on strength and your muscles may even temporarily shrink. You are also more prone to illness due to elevated cortisol levels, causing a weakened immune system. These are all symptoms of overtraining.


However, because this is only once, it is should not be seen as a dilemma, but instead a small sacrifice. After all, in one session you will gain what others spend years trying to gain on their arms.  When you enter overtraining (following this workout), if you were to exercise your muscle again before they repair, you will break down the muscle tissue even further and muscle loss could become a reality.


The Marathon Arm Workout

8 Hours of direct arm training (with a total of 2 and a half hours rest)

= 10 and a half hours in the gym



A tricep exercise should first be performed, then followed by a bicep exercise. This will keep the whole arm pumped, as opposed to working all bicep exercises first.

1. Diamond Pushups – Demo

Hammer Curls – Demo

2. Tricep Pushdowns – Demo

Barbell Curls – Demo

3. Close-Grip Bench Press – Demo

Preacher Curls – Demo

4. Reverse Tricep Pushdown – Demo

EZ curls – Demo

Once you have completed these exercises, they should be recycled. You should rest for 60-120 seconds in-between sets. Whether you will rest for 60 or 120 seconds will depend on how early into the 8 hour session you are and your energy levels.


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1. You should work in cycles of 2 hours then rest for 30 minutes inbetween.

2. High carb foods should be stocked up on, including simple sugars to help keep your energy levels and muscle glycogen high. This should all be bought before and brought to your workout.

3. Keep hydrated, lots of water is a must. Minimum of 2-3 litres.

4. Consume lots of calories. As you can imagine, doing 8 hours of weights will burn an incredible amount of energy so you must replace this in the form of calories. Aim to consume 6,000+ calories for the day.

5. Certain supplements can be very beneficial for your recovery and helping the muscle grow back bigger and stronger:


Whey Protein

Whey protein will provide you with high quality protein that will enter your muscle cell rapidly and keep your muscles in a positive nitrogen balance.

whey protein

A positive nitrogen balance is an optimal state for the body to be in when trying to build muscle. Whey protein should be sipped during your marathon arm workout, and during the following days post-workout.

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BCAAs are a combination of essential amino acids that play a critical role in muscle recovery. This combination of nine amino acids cannot be produced inside the body – hence being essential.



BCAAs will help your muscles grow back bigger and stronger. They will also reduce any soreness and aches you’ll experience the following days after your workout (trust me you’ll be sore!)

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Vitamin C 

orange triad

As you will be overtrained, stress levels in the body will temporarily shoot through the roof. You can reduce this significantly by supplementing with vitamin C each day, which has proven to cut cortisol (stress) levels significantly.

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