Best “Toning Exercises” Revealed

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Everybody wants to have toned muscles. Being toned is a symbol that someone is lean, fit and attractive. So, which exercises do you have to do in order to achieve the most amazingly toned body? The answer is none. No exercise will directly tone any body part. Muscle tone is the result of having low levels of body fat and a certain amount of muscle size. Losing body fat is 100% got to do with nutrition and how much you eat in accordance to your metabolism.

A Weight Loss plan combined with some muscle building exercises, are the perfect recipe for increasing muscle tone fast! Below are some of the best “toning” exercises.

Toning your abs

#1 Exercise: Military Sit ups



Other effective ab exercises:





Toning your arms

#1 Exercise: barbell curls



Other effective arm exercises:

diamond pushups
v bar pushdowns
hammer curls


Toning your legs and bum

#1 Exercise: squats



Other effective leg/bum exercises:


leg press


Toning your back

#1 exercise: Pull ups (if too hard start with a lat pulldown)



Other effective back exercises:



Seated row


Toning your shoulders

#1 Shoulder exercise: dumbbell press



other effective shoulder exercises:

lateral raise
front raise


Toning your chest

#1 chest exercise: military push ups



Other effective chest exercises:

dumbbell bench press
barbell bench press
dips (with emphasis on leaning forwards)

If you’re a woman and your worried about gaining too much muscle by doing these exercises, fear not. Women produce little testosterone in comparison to men. Testosterone is the male hormone that is anabolic (builds muscle). So these exercises are perfect for women to tone up.

For men, these exercises can potentially pack some muscle on your frame, as being toned and skinny isn’t the ideal physique for most males. With each workout aim to beat your last. Whether that means doing more reps, taking shorter rest periods or increasing the weight on the dumbbell exercises. This will force your body to adapt and increase tone after every workout, rather than sticking to the same old routine.

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