Best Stimulant-Free Pre Workout? Caffeine’s Dark Side Effects

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Why do companies include stimulants in Pre Workout Formula’s?

All stimulants act in a similar way by stimulating the central nervous system. They are included in pre workouts because when your CNS becomes aroused, it becomes increasingly difficult for your muscles to fatigue, due to the added adrenaline/energy in the body. This results in considerable strength increases, indirectly helping you build muscle.

Another reason why supplement companies are keen to include stimulants in generous doses is due to how they effect dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for you feeling pleasure. When dopamine levels are high, you will feel a “high”. When this sensation fades, an individual naturally becomes addicted to whatever gave them this previous sense of well-being. This is exactly why millions of people worldwide are addicted to coke, tea, coffee and chocolate – with the culprit being caffeine. This means repeat sales on their pre workout supplements, and bigger profits.


With fierce competition between the supplement companies, some have even resorted to adding banned stimulants (not listed on the ingredients) to give their product that edge over its rivals. Craze pre workout supplement has been proven guilty of this after several investigations – see the excerpt below.

excerptSource: Craze Contains Banned Stimulant

rob3This has resulted in professional athlete’s unintentionally taking illegal substances and failing drugs tests. Most notably Rob Riches (left), a leading male fitness model. Rob was left shocked among many other fitness fans, when being told he tested positive for a banned substance – N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine.

He was banned for 24 weeks by the UKBFF and had to pay a “small cash settlement” – which is a lenient punishment, due to the accidental nature.

Oxyelite pro, a popular energy/fat burning supplement, has also been attracting unwanted attention after being labelled as “adulterated” by the FDA. This is following the inclusion of the ingredient, aegeline, which is an unknown substance and has no research behind it. This could potentially be dangerous as the supplement company are failing to provide evidence that it’s safe for public use.

The Dark Side of Stimulants

The main problem, in relation to health, is that stimulants encourage Vasoconstriction. This basically means your blood vessels will constrict, meaning it’ll become increasingly difficult for blood to flow optimally around the body. This leads to spikes in blood pressure (sometimes high if you are sensitive). With the heart being your most important organ, this is definitely not something to mess around with.


Due to excessive adrenaline production, because of the stimulating effect on the CNS, this can cause a person to enter “fight or flight” mode. During this mode, a person will perceive everyday calm situations as a threat. This is why so many can experience heightened anxiety when on stimulant-packed pre workouts.

As previously mentioned, the initial dopamine rise will leave the person on a “high”. After this feeling diminishes, dopamine levels will plummet, with the person experiencing a comedown that can lead to depression.


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For those that combine stimulating pre workout formula’s with workouts in the evening, may go on to experience regular insomnia. Caffeine among other stimulants prevent you from being able to “switch off” when you go to bed.

The answer to this is to remove all stimulants and aim to soothe the CNS. One of the best ways for doing this is taking a hot bath, with the heat having a natural calming effect on your nervous system. If you are having problems sleeping, check out my post: “How to get to sleep in 5 minutes!“.

Best Stimulant-Free Pre Workout?

Controlled Labs Purple Wraath


Controlled Labs’ Purple Wraath contains several ingredients that will enhance your workout and will not jeopardize your health. Lets take a look at what’s in Purple Wraath and how it can take your workouts to the next level.





Ingredients such as Citruline Malate, Ginger, L-Arginine will cause vasolidation, meaning blood will flow more efficiently throughout the body. This is the opposite to the Vasoconstriction effect of stimulants. These three ingredients will thus aid in bigger pumps.

Muscle growth/Repair

There is a strong BCAAs profile in: leucine, valine, isoleucine, lysine, arginine, histidine, phenylalanine, threonine, methionine. These amino acids will shift your muscles into a positive nitrogen balance, ensuring an anabolic environment for maximum muscle growth and recovery.


These amino acids will also give a mild energy boost to your muscles. This boost won’t be as powerful compared to stimulants, but it will be a sustained one. Stimulants can give you a crash during your workout, leaving you feeling tired and fatigued. You don’t have to worry about this slump effect with amino acids.

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