Best Steroids for Vascularity AKA Roadmap Veins

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Before we reveal the best 3 steroids for enhancing your veins, lets first see what increases vascularity; to fully understand why and how these steroids work. There are four main factors that effect vascularity:

1. Thick/Thin skin

Vascularity Influence: 

This is partly genetic. If you have thick-skin genetics, there will simply be extra layers of skin covering your veins. As you age though your skin naturally thins, hence why you see some old bodybuilders with ridiculous vascularity.

Dianabol is one of the best steroids for showing off your veins, as it is effective at thinning your skin during a cycle.


There are many users posting about their experiences with dbol thinning the skin/increasing vascularity on various bodybuilding forums):

2. Fat stores

Vascularity Influence: 

This is a more obvious one, but you cannot underestimate how great a factor fat loss can be in getting more vascular. I for example have very thick skin, and I never see any veins despite having good sized muscles. I couldn’t even see veins at 9% body fat which is quite low.

However, when I reached 7% bodyfat, I was able to display thick veins even outside the gym with no pump. Then in the gym, they became even more visible. If you are vascular at a higher body fat %, dropping your body fat to low single digits will make a massive difference.

Steroid Stack for Burning Fat


. Anavar

. Testosterone

. Clen

. Winstrol


3. Red blood cells

Vascularity Influence: 

A higher red blood cell count gives you more blood volume. Thus more blood is flowing to the surface of your skin than usual. How much blood you have located at the surface of the skin can determine how vascular you are.

For example have you come out of a hot bath or sunbed where your veins start popping everywhere – that was the high temperature pushing your blood away from your internal organs and to the surface of the skin. Now imagine if you had a much higher blood volume, even more blood will be gushing tight to the skin – causing some crazy veins.

Anadrol has a powerful ability to increase red blood cell production and has seen many users bring out more veins than normal.


Below is a link to a user sharing his experience with Anadrol:

Forum source:


4. Water retention

Vascularity Influence: 

Water retention can be good or bad. When people generally refer to water retention it is often in a negative way. The negative sort of water retention is when water collects outside the muscle cell, and beneath the skin. This is also known as extracellular water retention. This reduces muscle definition and can make one look smooth and puffy. This extra fluid will hide your veins significantly.

However, intracellular water retention is beneficial. This is when water is retained inside the muscle. The best formula for extreme vascularity is to reduce extracellular water retention and increase the level of intracellular fluids. This can be done by taking steroids previously mentioned such as Dbol and Anadrol.


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