Best Steroids for Increasing Strength

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Nothing is more frustrating in bodybuilding than hitting a strength plateau. The good news is there are several steroids that can help you overcome such plateaus and add up to 40% more weight to your lifts in just 8 weeks. In short, if you can bench 100kg for reps now, get ready to bench 140kg in a couple of months time with the steroids mentioned below.

What Determines How Strong a Person Is?

1) Body Weight

A heavier person is going to be able to lift more. We can influence this factor by obviously eating more calories; but also picking steroids that increase (intracellular) water retention. This means water retention inside the muscle cells, creating extra fullness; as opposed to water outside the muscle cell which masks muscle definition.

This is exactly why creatine monohydrate is so effective at increasing strength due to it causing intracellular water retention. A steroid that can increase water weight can easily add 20lbs to your body mass.

Thus, steroids that cause a lot of (intracellular) water retention will really fill out your muscles and help you lift heavier weights just after a few days of supplementation.

Recommended Steroid: Dianabol


Dianabol is one of the best steroids for increasing strength due to it increasing water and fluid volume inside the muscles.

Due to Dbol being effective at adding muscle mass to users, this is additional weight that can also result in big strength increases.

2) Testosterone Levels.

This is exactly why men are a lot stronger than women. For example, men weigh more than women, thus making in theory making it more difficult to perform pushups. However, the average man can do a lot more pushups than the average woman. This is just one example when testosterone plays a big role in how strong you are. DHT, a precursor to testosterone also has a massive influence on how much you can lift.

To increase strength you should opt for steroids that are very androgenic (cause a big rise in testosterone and DHT).

Recommended: Ultimate Strength Stack 



. Dianabol

. Testosterone

. Anavar

. Tren

3) Protein Synthesis

Many studies have shown that increased protein intake results with bigger strength gains. This is due to elevated protein synthesis levels. Thus steroids that cause the biggest protein synthesis responses should be used if you want monster strength.

Recommended: Deca         

If you can afford throw in Deca Durabolin to your strength stack, as it’s one of the best steroids for stimulating enhanced levels of protein synthesis; allowing your muscles to utilize more protein during the recovery process.



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