Aspartame: Cancer’s Best Friend

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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener commonly used as a substitute to sugar, despite being linked with causing several cancers including brain, blood, lung and liver related. Aspartame essentially acts the same way as Excitotoxins, which cause cancer cells to grow and multiply.

A study testing aspartame on rats, resulted in them developing tumours the size of golf balls (as seen below). Yet, aspartame is present in people’s diets every day including in chewing gum, Fanta, Diet Coke, toothpastes, flavoured waters, yoghurts and protein powders. With cancer rates higher than ever, and aspartame now being consumed by millions worldwide, it is hard to ignore its impact.

rat tumors

Why isn’t it Illegal?

Several public figures are calling for aspartame to be made illegal in all countries. It was previously banned in the UK and to be made illegal in all other countries, until the FDA proved it was safe in 1981. The study conducted is considered to be dubious, with money seemingly being the sole motivator in legalizing aspartame.

Nutrasweet, an American brand who uses Aspartame, set up a petition and supplied the FDA of research that supposedly proved that Aspartame was safe. The validity to the “research” presented to the FDA has been contradicted by leading scientists and is thought to be suspicious.

Aspartame is very addictive, meaning more sales and more money for the brands that include the poison. Making aspartame illegal would be a tragedy for the directors of these companies whose pockets are ever-growing.

Other dangers

Cancer is just one of the dangerous side effects of aspartame. It inhibits serotonin, in the brain, which is responsible for making you feel happy. Lack of this neurotransmitter causes anxiety and depression which can be severe. Panic attacks and even suicidal tendencies have also been reported after ingesting aspartame. It isn’t just a coincidence that cases of anxiety and depression are also booming (with cancer rates). All of which are side effects of aspartame.


Aspartame also affects the brain negatively, with its ability to kill brain cells. With children’s brains 4 times more susceptible to such additives, it can seriously impair their natural development. This makes it especially important for us to protect children and the future generations, as long as this poison is continued to be made available to those unaware of its risks.

If pregnant women consume aspartame or a baby consumes fanta before the age of one, it can be detrimental to the baby’s brain development. With brain damage, among other birth defects arising.


Aspartame can also cause high blood pressure and irregular heart beat. If combined with heart medication it can be fatal. headaches, rapid heartbeat and even passing out can occur in sensitive individuals, although it isn’t uncommon. Just type in “aspartame heart rate” into Google and you can read of several bad experiences with aspartame.


Methanol in aspartame is concerning for eye health. Eye pain and, in rare cases, even blindness can occur. This is due to methanol being destructive to the retina in the eye, which is essential for good sight.


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