5 Weight Gain Secrets | How to Put on Weight Fast

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Being skinny can be frustrating and often leads to low self esteem. It may seem that no matter how much you eat, or what you eat, you just can’t increase the number on the scales. I used to be pretty skinny, but if anybody knows how to put on weight now, it’s me. During my bulking cycles I put on over40lbs in under 2 months! In this article I will reveal 5 secrets you can implement daily, that will help you learn how to put on weight.

If your goal is to put on weight, then one of your main objectives should be to build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, and is a lot more aesthetically pleasing!

1. Eat Less Often

The more often you eat, the faster your metabolism will be. The faster your metabolism is, the harder it will be to gain weight. So, by eating less regularly you will slow down your metabolism making it more likely for you to gain weight. Eating bigger meals and having fewer meals is the ultimate environment for gaining weight.

2. Increase Fat Intake

Although eating “fats” will not make you fat. Fats do contain 9 calories per gram, compared to just 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate and 4 calories per gram of protein. So, by incorporating more fats in your diet you are more likely to consume more calories as opposed to sticking to carbohydrate and protein based foods.

(Peanut butter is by far my favourite food for increasing my fat intake and bulking up!)

3. Reduce Exercise

Exercise is always advised to keep healthy. However, limiting exercise when trying to put on weight can go a long way. The only exception to this rule is weights-based exercise, where this can infact help weight gain (by building muscle). The reason exercise isn’t great for weight gain is because of all the calories you burn. The more calories you burn, the more you’ll have to eat.

The reason why some find it hard to put on weight is due to their body burning more calories than they can eat in their diet. One solution to this is to set yourself a high calorie target and hit that number each day. For me I had to eat at least 4000 calories to gain weight when I was skinny.

4. Tactical Food positioning

By placing your high calories foods and snacks in places where you are concentrating on things such as the computer or watching TV, you will not be aware of eating, as your mind is already occupied with what you are doing. This means when your brain usually communicates “OK that’s enough food”, this response will be distracted by the girl singing on X Factor or your mates new status on Facebook!

5. Use a Weight Gainer like Serious Mass


Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition is an award-winning weight gainer powder that I have used during my bulking phases to help me put on mass. I would have a serving a day (1250 cals) which allows me to put on my goal of 40lbs in just a month and a half.

I also created a bulking cookie recipe that some of you may like to try, it’s pretty tasty and a great way to get in some extra high calorie snacks.


 Bulking Cookie Recipe

. 1 scoop of serious mass weight gainer (choc flavour)
. 3 cups of oats
. Half cup of stevia, a great natural replacement for sugar, which is very low in calories.
. 2 eggs
. a sprinkle of ginger
. 1 cap of vanilla essence




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