5 Tricks | How to Get a Six Pack

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Wondering how to get a six pack? You already have one! That’s right, everybody has six pack abs. However, some people’s abs are visible and others not. In order to achieve a ripped six pack look, you will need to achieve two things.

Achieve less than 10% body fat (for men) or 15% (for women). The reason why women can achieve visible abs at a higher body fat percentage is because they naturally store less body fat in the stomach region, and are more prone to storing fat in the thighs.

Strengthen your Abdominal muscles. By devising a great abs workout you will thicken your abs making them looking strong and more aesthetically pleasing.

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This article will reveal 5 powerful tips and tricks you can use to try and blast away some belly fat. These tips alone will not be enough to get a six pack. But when combined with a well-devised nutrition and supplement plan, they can prove to be a very effective combination in helping you achieve a ripped six pack.


1. Add Ice to Drinks

Adding ice to your drinks causes your body temperature to lower. Consequently your body will react to this by warming you back up to keep your body temperature stable. As your body is trying to warm you back up it causes you to burn more calories at rest.

2. Don’t go Hungry

Some people who don’t know how to get a six pack (and want to reduce belly fat) – often starve themselves. Not only is this very unhealthy, but also counter-productive. When you don’t eat for long periods, your body reacts to a shortage of food by slowing down your metabolism.

When your metabolism slows down, this provokes fat gain when you resume eating. In short, the faster your metabolism, the more you can eat without gaining fat. The slower your metabolism, the more prone you will be to put on weight without eating much.

3. Sprint Like You’ve Never Sprinted Before!

Sprinting increases human growth hormone levels in the body by over 500%. Human growth hormone is responsible for burning fat in the body. So the more of this hormone, the less belly fat and the more definition that will come out in your abs. For more proof of how to get a six pack from sprinting, take a look at the olympic sprinters. Most of them have ripped six packs and display very low levels of body fat due to their training.

4. Cut out sugar and refined carbs

Unhealthy/refined carbohydrates such as sugary foods, crisps, chips etc. cause low blood sugar levels which increase hunger. These foods are also addictive causing a vicious circle of wanting to eat more. The reason sugar is addictive is because it causes serotonin in the brain to increase which initially makes you feel good.

However, it will soon leave you feeling depressed/anxious with the obvious choice to return to eating sugar. This leaves you wanting more food and feeling worse as a result.


5. Boost Testosterone Levels – Supplement with TestoFuel

Testosterone is the hormone that makes you a man. However, many don’t know that it is also a very potent fat burning hormone.

One of the best ways to naturally maximize your T levels is to get a testosterone booster supplement. I had some great results with a testosterone booster called – TestoFuel. Check out my six pack transformation below.

before after testofuel

I have experimented with several testosterone boosters, but none have given me the definition in my abs like TestoFuel did. If you supplement with TestoFuel for a few months and combine it with the tips in this article; it’ll only be a matter of time before you get ripped.




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6. Cook with Cayenne Pepper

Okay I know it says 5 tricks, but I couldn’t miss this one out. Cayenne pepper contains capsicum which increases your metabolism and thus increases fat burning. Not to mention cayenne is rich in vitamin C providing immune support, as well as boosting blood circulation throughout the body and reducing blood pressure. In short, cayenne pepper is effective at reducing belly fat, the culprit for hiding ab definition.

Note: If you would like to also increase the definition of your “v lines” at the bottom of your abs, be sure to read my post: Sculpting the adonis belt. The adonis belt is the technical term for these lines!


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