3 Ultimate Fat Burning Exercises Revealed

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Losing fat is one of the most challenging tasks people face all over the world. It can be confusing learning what the best “fat burning exercises” are and whether they even exist. In this article I will reveal three fat burning exercises you can do in the gym or the pleasure of your own home. These exercises will give a powerful boost to your metabolism, helping you melt fat even in your sleep!

 1. Sprints

When you sprint, you release a load of Human Growth Hormone. HGH’s effects include fat burning and increased muscle tone. Take a look at sprinters for real life proof of the exceptionally low body fat levels you can reach by incorporating sprints daily.

Infact, you can boost HGH levels by a whopping 500% from sprinting. To maximize HGH levels, try sprints that last for 30 seconds. Sprints for this duration of time seem to release more of the powerful fat burning hormone as opposed to shorter sprints. (Source: Dept. of Physical Education, Loughborough University, UK: 2002).

Other sports people that incorporate a lot of sprinting activity are strikers and wingers in football. These positions are where you will find the leanest of footballers. Joining a football club, athletics club or any team where you will be engaged in sprinting, will prove to be great fat burning exercises. This would be especially fun for those not keen on the typical gym environment.

You can also take natural testosterone and HGH supplements to enhance this hormonal effect on your fat burning.

2. Weights

Lifting weights significantly increases two fat burning hormones, being testosterone and Human Growth Hormone.

Testosterone is the hormone that men typically have lots of. Women also have testosterone, but in much smaller amounts. Testosterone has the same properties of HGH. Testosterone also increase muscle building.

If you are female reading this and do not want to get too muscly, do not worry – as although lifting weights increases testosterone it won’t be enough to stimulate massive amounts of muscle growth.

However lifting weights can be a very effective fat loss exercise. For maximum weight loss and testosterone release, stick to heavy lifts such as push ups, pull ups, squats, deadlifts and bench press. These weight exercises are called compound movements and release more fat burning hormones than isolated exercises such as bicep curls. You may be able to lift 25kg on a barbell bicep curl, but able to lift 65kg on a barbell bench press. It doesn’t take a genius to understand which one will be more beneficial.

3. Walking

Brisk walking can burn a fair few calories and give a big boost to your metabolism. On average, for every 1 hour of brisk walking you can burn around 500 calories (based on a 180lb person. You will burn more if you weigh more than this). Your body burns a set amount of calories every day at rest (even while you sleep).

Walking adds 500 additional calories to this number, effectively helping you burn fat whilst you sleep! By burning these added calories, it enables you to eat more in the day and still lose weight. This is why some sporty people can eat more than the average person and still lose weight – their metabolism is faster and so their bodies burn more calories naturally.

Fat Burner Supplementation

Although these exercises will help you burn fat, for maximum fat loss these exercises should be combined with a balanced diet and effective supplementation.

I recommend taking either Grenade or the Oxyelite Pro fat burner, whilst you complete these exercises. Both of these supplements will really speed up your metabolism, and turn your body into a fat burning machine.



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