3 Celeb Bum Exercises Revealed

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An enhanced bum is a highly desirable feature on a woman in today’s world. This is mainly due to a number of today’s high-profile celebs, (the most obvious being Jennifer Lopez), possessing a big, curvy yet tight bum.

This has resulted in a whirlwind of attention from admirers in the public and the media – both male and female. J Lo (below) without her bum would be merely a great looking actress/singer – not so unique in the world of Hollywood. Her attractive bum, in business terms, is her unique selling point. Below are some of the top secret exercises used by celebs to create their highly-coveted buttocks!


Jennifer Lopez’s trainer Gunnar Peterson was a keen advocate of the twisting lunge and different variations of squats to hit different angles of the buttocks. Here are examples of these exercises he had J Lo perform. Peterson also recommends to

Add half an hour of cardio to your schedule each day. Whether it’s a brisk walk, using the elliptical machine or a jog down your street, just so long that it increases your heart rate.”

Twisting lunge explained

bum exercises1. Stand with your feet placed shoulder width apart.

2. Place each arm on the back of your head; making sure your arms are angled horizontally as shown in the image (above).

3. Take a step forward with one foot, coming into a lunge position.

4. As you come down into the lunge position twist at the hips to one side.

5. Repeat, but alternate your leading foot into the next lunge and twist to the other side.


– Always keep your knee placed over your foot.

– The slower and the more controlled you do the exercise, the less chance you have of injury. There is also more tension on the working muscles with a slower tempo, causing them to react better to the exercise.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston thanks yoga exercises for her bum. Trainer Mandy Ingber never fails to get her clients to perform ‘chair pose squats’. Mandy explains her philosophy,

We exhaust the bigger muscle groups with a chair pose, then focus on the smaller muscles with squat exercises. There isn’t anything else like a squat to shape the booty”.


chair pose squat position


Chair pose squat position explained

1. Place your feet touching together. Lower yourself as if you were going down into a chair. Your arms are extended horizontally forwards or pointed up to the sky. Have your hands close together or even touching.

2. Hold the chair position for sixty seconds, taking slow deep breaths throughout. Aim your weight towards the ground followed by pushing up and straightening your legs to a standing up position.

3. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

Tip: The longer you hold the chair pose once you are down, the more it will contract your glutes and give you the tight bum look.

Harley Pasternak has helped shape bums of Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson.

Try exercises such as deadifts to isolate and tone the bum. And afterwards you’ll realize, that you will have a butt that people can bounce quarters off! ”


Deadlift Explained

Starting position of the deadlift


1. Feet shoulder width apart. Have your arms grasping the barbell (or you can use dumbbells in each hand) just wider than shoulder-width. Always bend your knees when you lower yourself when deadlifting, whether it’s at the start to pick up the weight or at the end of the movement when lowering the weight.

2. Push upwards until your legs straighten – with the power of the movement coming from your legs. At the top of the movement focus on contracting your glutes.




I hope these tips will help you build a better bum! Feel free to comment below – I would love to hear about your progress!

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